Miko Sinz

I've got the hots for Miko!

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The Varieties of Breast Experiences

There is certainly a wonderful variety in the female breast giving us masturbators plenty to stroke to.

Ample- Perhaps the overall favorite among masturbators. This babe sure has plenty up front and she knows it!

Big and droopy- This gal's tits are almost down to her waist. That doesn't keep me from stroking to them!

Big Areola- She's got plenty to smile about with those tits and we've got plenty to masturbate over.

Flat- My personal favorite. This sexy lady really makes me beat my meat!

Hot- Check out the tits on this babe!

Milky- They're loaded and ready for action!

Pancakes- So nice to jerk-off to. I bet they'd be nice with some syrup on them too!

Perky- Another one of my personal favorites (but then, I have so many!)!

Cumshot Video Compilation #7

Here is my 7th and final installment of a collection of my shots. 33 clips together in total with a preview of each in the screenshot above. Thanks again for all the support on my work. Video link below.


Jennifer White

I've already creamed over this Jennifer several times and am in the mood to do it again.

Here's our beautiful brunette looking sexy in a short black dress.

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