Ricki White

I was going through my porn collection and I happened upon this babe who really turned me on. She's been in there for some time but this was the fisrt time I really got into some heavy masturbating over her.

She's so attractive! First of all, I really like her dark curly hair. Her face is very beautiful too! And how about her tits? Actually she was in my “breasts” folder where I've been collecting a variety of breast types. Her thighs really turn me on. I had to have more of her. All I had to go on was that she was Ricki from Ass Licking Club.

Fortunately I found some more of her pics. She sure does ;look sexy here!

And just look at her ass! No wonder she's in the ass licking club!

What a sexy body! I'm stroking my little dick in overdrive!

She's so sexy. She's the kid of girl I want to eat my cum over!

Oh my goodness!!! It turns out that Ricki's the one doing the ass licking!

One of the Ass Licking Club sites mentioned that her full name was Ricki White. Now I can really get more of her. She sure does have a nice body and I'm going to take the pledge.

I can't get over her sexy figure! But she's looking a lot slutier here and she's probably had implants. Ricki, I'm going to eat my cum for you!!!