Alyssa White

I didn't post here for awhile and now I've pledged to 3 babes in the last month. Not only that, but I'm about to do it for another after just one day. Fortunately Ricki was my first Masturbation Goddess who I only pledged to eat my cum form. Now I'm still free for Alissa after just one day!

Here's a nice portrait of Alyssa. She has such a beautiful face. That's one of the reasons I love masturbating over her pics.

She's also got the prettiest pussy I've ever beat-off over. Seems she's always swollen and red too! She must play with herself a lot during these shoots- or perhaps she's turned on by the thought of exposing herself to millions of masturbating perverts.

She looks so nice I'm just going to have to take the pledge.

She looks pretty foxy here! Alyssa has a lot of different expressions- just one more reason to masturbate to her pics.

Really nice figure- I really enjoy stroking it to a girl with a nice figure.

Just look at those hips! Nice thighs too, and a smooth tummy!

Alyssa's got pretty big titties by my standards, but she looks kind of small next to this babe.

So far I haven't found any pics of Alyssa having sex. This is the only one I've seen so far with a guy in it. For all I know so far she's a virgin, although I really would like to see her getting reamed out by huge cocks.

Now for the pledge: Alyssa White, I'm going to swallow my cum for you and I won't cum to any other woman's pics for the next three days.