Alyssa Reece

Meet Alyssa Reece (aka Alyssa Reese and Mandy More)

Here's the first pic I ran across of Alyssa. I started seriously masturbating right away. Probably what attracted my attention first was her very beautiful face. Of course I had to get more of her.

Nice body- great legs- and I like the name of that site she's posing for- in the crack. Wonder what taht's about?

There's the crack! I bet my face would fit in there very nicely.

But one of the things that keeps me masturbating over this one particular babe is her great little titties.

Here's a body I could masturbate over all day. And her legs are so perfect. She's often covering up those precious little breasts of hers.

Or pushing her chest out. You don't suppose she's a little ashamed of those gems?

Another shot from in the crack. I'm positive my face would be a perfect fit!

Penthouse does such a nice job of photographing the beautiful Alyssa. Her pretty face, long dark hair, superb breasts, killer thighs and perfect legs. Just a hint of pussy too! Very tasteful!

And Hustler does a nice job of capturing Alyssa getting down and dirty. Very arousing! I don't know which I like masturbating to most!

And here's a close-up of her erect nipple. That does it! I'm going to have to do the pledge.

Alyssa, I'm going to eat my cum in tribute to your beauty and I won't masturbate over another woman for the next 3 days.