Alyssa Lovelace

Our latest goddess is Alyssa Lovelace, one of the girls of masterjerker (one of my former masturbation blogs).

She's so sexy! Such a lovely face, and those giant tits!

Alyssa has a really exceptional figure. It's one of the things that attracts me to her and keeps me masturbating over her time and time again. Just look at that shape! A hotbody for sure!

Look at those tits hanging down, and that ass!

Looking up at the superior Alyssa. I had a masturbation encouragement video of her where she says I'm never going to get to touch her body. I sure do beat-off to it a lot though.

Look at that tasty cunt!

Alyssa would rather masturbate than have me do anything to her. But I'm going to enjoy downing my cum after I jerk-off over her pics.

I guess the only way I could ever taste Alyssa's pussy is if she were chained and couldn't go anywhere.

Here's one for a study of Alyssa's legs. Notice those fantastic thighs! Her legs just sort of taper down to her ankles. A little thin in the calf but very interesting!