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The Fist

We all know what it means when someone makes that fist.

I'm sure that you've seen this gesture before. No explanation is necessary, you know what it's about, especially if you're a masturbator.

Dirty Angie's got our number. She knows what we've been doing with all that porn we've been downloading.

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Another hot honey giving us the hand sign.

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This woman wants us to get a hold of ourselves.

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Solo Masturbation

Most of the time masturbation is a private experience.

Here's a gal enjoying her own company.

She's got no need for a guy when she can use her fingers.

A quiet moment alone.

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Here's a guy enjoying the great outdoors. I've done that a bit lately, although not standing in a lake.

Here's a guy who's got the hots for Sarah. No doubt he wanted to do an extra special cum-tribute to her.

Some guys are turned on by woman’s underwear.