Zuzanas' Tat too

How about that dolphin on Zuzanas' tummy?

It's not like she's all inked-up. Just a sexy little tattoo on her tummy.

It looks nice on that beautiful body of hers.

She's changed her hair color, but we can still conclusively identify her by that sexy little tattoo!

Is this Zuzana? Sexy legs, but is it really her?

Even with that sexy hairy cunt we can tell that this is our goddess!

We don't even need to see her face.

Here's a lucky lady getting a taste of our goddess.

And here's a lucky guy doing the same. This one goes back a bit when Zuzana was younger.


How about Zuzana Zeleznovova. AKA Tasty Tera, Susanne

She's so hot! Just look at how sexy she is here! I'm beatin-off and she's not even nude!


I've masturbated to Zuzana before, even blown my load a few times, but so far I've never eaten my cum for her- not yet at least. Maybe a little taste pf precum...

Look at her perfect tits! Her beautiful face! She truly is a masturbation goddess!

What a perfect body! What a sexy little tattoo! A Masturbation Goddess needs her cum-tribute!

Zuzana's doing something naughty with her pump!

She's my kind of girl!

Isn't she cute? She gets the pledge- I'm only creaming over her for the next three days and I'm going to eat my cum as a tribute!


Let's take a look at one of my favorite topics- cunts!

This pretty lady is spreading wide so that millions of horny males will have something nice to jerk-off over.

I like the way this babe has casually spread her legs apart so that we can all see her inner beauty.

This gal looks as if she's waiting to see if we approve. We can let her know by our masturbation.

Nice and red and swollen! Can't help staring at her cunt while I beat-off. I keep glancing up at her pretty face, her tits, but her cunt always seems to draw my back attention.

Nice and hairy! Bet she's nice and tasty too!

I like this pose. The photographer did a nice job of getting her face and her cunt both in focus. I'd love to give her a good pussy-licking!

A nice big smile! She's a joy to masturbate over.

And let's not forget how pretty a pussy can look from behind.

Hips and Thighs

Women come in so many varieties. There's such an endless assortment to masturbate over. Today we're going to discuss figures, a very important part of which are hips and thighs.

This babe has what I would call angular hips. Be sure to compare these to our girls with round hips for a contrast. By the way, I've dumped my load over this babe quite a few times.

Another babe with angular hips who I've blown it to. Isn't she sexy!

Here's a gal with big thighs. Her hips aren't all that big but those thighs really give her a nice shape! By the way, I've creamed over her too!

Another babe with big thighs who I've blown my load over.

This lady has a high waist.

Another gal with long legs and a high waist.

Here's a sexy lady with nice round hips. Couldn't help but cum over her.

Another gal with round hips.

This sexy babe is has relatively straight hips. That didn't stop me from creaming over her.

Another sexy babe with straight hips.

I don't know how to classify this lady other than to say that she's very interesting.