Pledge to Alyssa Lovelace

One of the girls of masterjerker (one of my previous blogs) – Alyssa Lovelace

Alyssa is one hot babe! Check out those curves, that long blond hair, those sensual lips!

I really like her shape.

I love pics that show a bra coming off. Just look at her beautiful thighs and those huge breasts. Alyssa is one of my favorite big-boobed babes.

This one shows off her figure very nicely.

And she's a talented masturbator.

Here's a sexy shot of Alyssa chained and greased up.

I don't usually jerk-off so much over a babe with such big tits, but Alyssa's such a hot number.

So now the pledge- I'll swallow my cum for her and only masturbate over her pics for the next three days.

Alyssa Lovelace #2

More pics of Alyssa to beat-off over.

Alyssa getting ready for a pic shoot. What a body!!!

She's so hot. I gladly eat my cum to worship her body.

Alyssa on top of some lucky stiff. Just look at how her tits hang!!!

Here's a classic shot. This one was in many porn adds a few years ago and was the first set of her that I cummed over. She has such a pretty face.

Alyssa with her middle finger in her cunt.

Speaking of cunts, check this out.

Finger on clit- no wonder she's all red and swollen.

Lets masturbate along with Alyssa.