My new paddles

We were at Michaels the other day and I found these wooden decor items that can be used as paddles. The largest is an oar... very solid and a good inch thick. When my wife spanked me with it, I knew I had to have it. It felt great and gave a pretty loud smack that I'm sure could be heard across the store.
The middle sized paddle is a small, thin cutting board... broad, light, and about half as thick as the oar. She spanked me with it while I fucked her. It had a much different feel to it because of how dispersed the smack was across both cheeks. It felt very flirty compared to the oar.

The smallest is a spatula... very thin and very light, but it stings! She has spanked me with this one twice during sex and the small head of the spatula stings. I was thinking the big one would hurt the most, but the fact that the smack is so isolated and she can wield it a little easier lets her hit me hard and quick. I loved it. I told her I want to work up to the point where she can bring tears to my eyes. I want her to hurt me. She doesn't understand it and honestly neither do I. It just feels so damn good!

I need to either paint or stain them. I'm not sure if I am going to do a solid color or try to do some design. I told her I want us to come up with names for them and put them on the handle. I'm still trying to think through so choices.