Masturbation Pledge for Natalia

When I cum across a girl who is especially beautiful and sexy I feel like doing something special for her.

Natalia is one of those girls. Just look at her angelic face!

So sweet! She's got me beating my meat.

And check out that body! I'd just love to see what she's got under that sexy red bikini top.

Whoa!!! I'm beating-off in overdrive!!! I like this girls shape!

And how about her legs! I'm always turned-on by big thighs and calves.

And a nice hairy cunt! Bet she's pussy-licking good!

Yes, she's the sort of babe I'd like to do something special for. So she gets my masturbation pledge. I'll only beat-off over her for the next three days. I'll eat my cum now to seal this pledge.

Natalia deserves something special!