Pledge to Penny Flame

Time for another masturbation pledge. This time it's for Penny Flame.

Penny looks so good from head to toe.

Just love to see a bra come off!

Penny fingering her cunt and ass. Doesn't she have an very beautiful face?

Here's a full-frontal shot. Penny sure does have a nice figure- the kind I like to beat-off over!

And a cute cunt too! Glad she left a little bit of hair. Penny has a wide soft waste. I can imagine kissing it just before descending to her tasty twat.

Penny's got a big set of bobbies! I usually like my girls small, but I can see the attraction of d-cups. And she's got nice big areola to match.

Yes, a very pretty face and a nice rounded body. I've creamed over Penny a number of times before.

Looks like she's been playing with her pussy. Bet it's nice and juicy. I'm beatin-off while I imagine licking her clit and sticking my tongue as far into her cunt as possible.

Here's the pic I ran across earlier this morning that reminded me of my passion for Penny. So now the pledge. I'm going to swallow my cum after I masturbate over her pic. Then she'll be the only girl I masturbate over for the next 3 days.

Penny Flame- dominant

The other side of Penny Flame.

This guy's just focused on Penny's body. He's going to go along with whatever she wants.

Of course, he didn't think about the pain until now!

Wonder what she's got in mind?

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Penny's discussing this dude's masturbation habit.

Here's one way to get it under control! And by the way, doesn't she look beautiful?

He's going to have to focus on her needs, not his own.

Penny's got a perfect ass for face sitting.

She's giving this lucky dude some relief after all.