Yesterday, I got up early and was cleaning the house while EC slept in. A little later, while I was vacuuming the carpet, she came in and said, "I think this panty fetish of yours is starting to affect me". My heart jumped... I thought for a moment that she had decided she didn't want to accept it after all and was about to ask me to stop. I would have been devastated.

Instead though, she told me she just had a dream. In her dream, we were in a room in our house that does not actually exist. We had collected all of these machines, like a claw machine for example, and were showing them off to her mother and grandmother. Later on, we were alone in that same room and she was sucking my cock. Then, the next thing she knows, she is licking a pussy instead... the thing was though, that it was my pussy. My cock had been replaced. I told her I really liked her dreams. I've dreamed before (and daydreamed before) that she had a cock. I shared this with her. I love that she had this dream. Perhaps her subconscious is catching up with me. :)