Sex in a Bounce House

This past Saturday we rented a bounce house in our backyard. After the kids went to sleep, EC and I went out and bounced around in it. We brought a blanket and the camera. We took off our clothes after bouncing around a bit. The neighbor's bedroom window was open and their light was on. If the angle was right, the could see in, but part of it was blocked by a column.

EC was worried that the flash from the camera would draw their attention with it being so dark outside. I was in a pink pair of Hanes panties and she was completely naked. We started having sex on the blanket and after a bit, I wanted to be naked too so I slid off the panties. We went at it pretty hard. Our bodies were bouncing up and down and pretty soon we were using the bounce house to do the work for us... bouncing her body up into my body... her pussy up over my cock.

I came inside of her and we laid there naked, talking for a few long minutes. When we sat up to get dressed, we noticed the neighbor's bedroom light was out and the window was shut. Whether they heard or saw us, I imagine we will never know.

It was a lot of fun! How many people, I wonder, get to say they had sex in a bounce house? I love new experiences!