While she shaved

Tonight, I took a bath with EC. After sucking on her toes for a bit and washing her from head to toe, I sucked on her nipples while we talked about the sexual things she did with her ex-boyfriends. Then, I held her while she sat on my lap, facing away from me, while she shaved her pussy.

It was a very nice time. I can't wait to do that again!

We had sex after our bath. I have no idea what got into my wife, but she was all over me... she was moaning, and not like usual... it was like I was having sex with another woman. She was into it. Deep guttural moans... she sounded like she had just stepped out of a porn movie. I was actually worried that with the windows open, the neighbors might hear.

She was bucking her hips while I licked her pussy... so much that it kept bringing her anus across my tongue. She normally keeps that off limits... she even let me finger her ass for a while. I loved it! While we were having sex, she kept digging her nails into my back and into my ass, pulling me closer. It was unlike any sex we had ever had before. When we finished, she asked why I had not gone down on her after I came inside of her. She said she would have liked that. I am still in shock.