Road Trip and a Panty Shopping Spree

I spent most of the day driving to a hotel several hours away for work. Of course, I was wearing a pair of panties for the drive... the pink satin ones my wife bought me. I managed to wear the butt plug for a little over an hour from the start of the trip. I could have worn it much longer, but I didn't want to get too used to it. I like the way it feels and was looking forward to playing with it in the hotel room. I brought one of my fleshlights as well... the mouth.

I got to the hotel and checked in, then went out to dinner with a co-worker, wearing my panties beneath my work clothes. Afterward, I went back to the hotel and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and headed over to Wal-mart to buy a couple of extra pair of panties. I ended up going on a bit of a shopping spree and bought quite a bit... $43 worth to be exact.

I bought 14 pairs of panties... a 10 pack of Hanes Cotton Bikinis in various patterns, size 9. Size 9 fits me much more comfortably than size 8, apparently this is my size, though the size 8's are doable.

I got a two pack of Smart & Sexy aqua blue nylon bikinis, size 8... I love the see through mesh and one pair is covered in purple and pink flowers, the other pair has a light green pattern running through it. Both have ruffles along the outside.

I bought another pair of George Ladies lace bikinis, size 8, just like the coral ones my wife bought me, but these are pinkish purple.

And I got a pair of George Ladies nylon lace thong, with a matching cammy (both are XL, pink carnation). I am wearing these now along with a pair of pink Faded Glory socks. They are for shoe size 8-12, the biggest I could find, but really tight on me. I will have to look for a larger size. And I am also wearing a pink and yellow braided ankle bracelet.

I got a box of condoms to make the Fleshlight play a little easier on the clean up. I also got a small bottle of bodycology cherry blossom body mist.

I was so nervous walking around the women's department browsing through the different panties and looking for what I wanted. The layout of the store was completely different so I had a hard time finding what I was looking for and there were women all over the place, probably close to a dozen, a couple older than me, but most my age or in their twenties. I got some glances at first but I think they just thought maybe I was picking out something for my wife, but when my basket started to get pretty full, the glances lingered a little longer and I think it was obvious they were for me.

I went through the self check out because I am a big pussy. A young couple came up behind me in line right as I picked up the first pair of panties. I was sooooo embarassed. I hurriedly tried to ring them up and get them in the bag hoping she wasn't paying attention but when I looked over out of the corner of my eye, I could see she was watching me. I kept telling myself that these people don't know me and I will never see them again. It wasn't helping. Just about that time, I was trying to pay with my card and the machine stated an override was needed and the cashier (another young woman) came over and asked to see my ID and card. I was petrified. The panties were all in the bag, open right in front of her, while she glanced at all of the items on the checkout screen and right on top of the bag, was a box of condoms. She smiled at me and tried to make some small talk about being far from home while she typed in her override. My heart was racing by the time I left.

I'm talking to my wife on the phone about it all. She asked me if I brought the coral panties with me. I told her I did and that I bought a few new pairs as well. She said it is a little weird for me to wear them when she is not with me and thinks it is a little odd for me to want to wear them all of the time... just as a fun every once in the while thing would be ok, but this is a little much for her right now all at once. I guess I will need to slow things down. Of course, I have no intention of telling her about the cammy, body mist, bracelet, socks, or the number of panties I just bought. She doesn't want me to wear them every day but I just don't want to give them up. I sooooo hope she doesn't make me. I am having so much fun and finally was starting to feel like I could be me.