Panties, Shopping, and New Toys

So today, my wife put me in an old pair of her panties. White cotton Hanes Her Way, size 6. They were starting to tear and were old. She was going to throw them out, but said I could have them.

I put them on while she watched and we both agreed they were very snug, but they fit well enough. I cleaned up the house with her while wearing them and eventually she sent me out to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner. She wanted me to cook out on the new grill.

I stopped at Tasty's while I was out and spent $150 on a butt plug, cock ring, and crotchless panties for me, and a We Vibe II for her.

I figured since she has been indulging me so much with the panties that I should get her something she has been wanting to try. The woman at the store talked me through how to best use the cock ring and told me a little about the We Vibe. She said it was a very good choice. I wish I would have had the guts to tell her the butt plug was for me and that I was standing there in my wife's panties with my cock trying to break free through the fabric. Honestly, my heart was racing. I was so nervous being in there talking about sex toys with her, even if she was doing most of the talking.

By the time I got through the grocery store and got home, the panties were really starting to tear. I mentioned to my wife as she stood there next to me on the patio that nothing was more manly than grilling out with your wife's panties on. She chuckled and smiled at me. I told her about the panties tearing and my cock was poking through. By the time we got done eating, my balls had managed to find their way out of a second hole. While I was dong dishes, she was standing next to me... I unzipped my shorts and pulled them down so she could see. My cock was protruding, at full erection, on of one hole in her panties and my balls were hanging down out of another. I honestly am not sure how many times I have heard her laugh so hard. It was great! I was laughing too. I asked her if she would go with me to Wal-mart tonight to buy some more that were my size. She said it would have to wait, but told me she had washed the two pairs she bought for me so they would have to do.

I will be driving for eight hours across several states tomorrow and I plan to wear them on the drive. I can't wait. I'm going to see if I can keep the butt plug in that long as well. When I get home, I will tell her about the We Vibe, cock ring, and crotchless panties. I am going to have to work up to tell her about the butt plug. I really want to have sex with her while wearing it, but I don't want to push too much on her at once.

I told her last night and this morning that I wanted her to think about being the one in charge around here. I am going to try and find some good information on the web about female led relationships that she can read. She's not ready to read about full cross dressing and sissies and forced feminization so I will have to be selective. She seems to be warming to at least thinking about it.

She mentioned today that she did think it would be a little weird if I wanted to wear the panties all the time (which I had brought up). I asked her if she would think about letting me and told her that part of me wants her to accept that I want this and part of me wants her to think it is weird because all of this has been so humiliating and that is a big part of the turn on for me. I can't believe I told my wife that I want to feel humiliated. I mentioned that she is always saying I am too aggressive and too hot tempered, so maybe letting her be in charge and getting in touch with my feminine side would help with that. She raised an eyebrow at me and I think maybe that was a little too much for her to process.

I want to go full force with all of this sooooooo badly, but I need to pace it. I know I need to find a good balance of slowing down, but not letting it drop completely. Slow and steady wins the race.