No turning back now...

I told my wife about two weeks ago that I had a dream while I was away in a hotel room that she took off her panties and made me wear them while I had sex with her. I told her it really turned me on and "joked" that we might just have to try it.

To my utter shock, my sweet vanilla wife said, "ok, if you want to." I had no idea what to say. Was she joking? Serious? I asked her if she thought that was weird and she replied rather nonchalant, "whatever floats your boat".

So after bringing it up a few more times and joking about it here and there, she asked if I might want my own instead of hers because she was not sure hers would fit me. I wanted to tell her I they would, but would just be a little tight, but I let that one go. She decided she had a couple of old pairs that she could let me have. I said I would like that but also thought it would be hot for her to pick some out for me.

Well, tonight she did. She bought me two pair of panties, as well as a few new pairs for herself (in matching styles). I admit I am now petrified to try them on in front of her. Of course, that is only adding to the thrill. I cannot wait to get them on. There's no turning back now that she bought them. It was such a turn on watching her pick them out and hold them up to me right there in the store. People were walking by... either she did not notice or did not care. Likely the former. I got some snickers and some looks. It was heaven.

She was shocked when I took her hand and placed it against my cock so she could see how turned on I was. I guess she didn't realize how much I was looking forward to this. She asked while we were at the check out if I would put them on for her when we got home. If the cashier heard her, he didn't let on. Wow... how did I get this lucky?

I mentioned we should take pictures together in our new panties. If we do, I'll post them asap. :)