I have been getting some advice on pacing myself with EC on the panty/submissive changes that have come up in the last week. One friend in particular sent me a message on FetLife with some good suggestions on separating this so I minimize her exposure to all of this and then if I cannot control myself, to keep a part of that separate for now.

I am sort of doing that already because I have no intention of her knowing about the lipstick, cammy, socks, and jewelry. But this is really good advice on the panties as well.

I think a huge part of the "mad rush" here is the novelty. I know it will probably wear off at least to a point because it seems everything does at some point in time. My wife is aware of this too. I had this conversation with her.

I did some thinking on my drive last night and I realized I need to decide what is most important to me, kink wise. I want her to want me in panties because I like the submission, the humility, etc... but the problem I realized is that while I want to submit to her on the one hand, I'm not exactly doing that if I rush her on the panty thing. It's hypocritical. In a sense it is like I am dominating her into taking on a dominant role, if that makes any sense at all. I'm going to back off and serve her, pamper her and take care of her and try to earn my place at her feet so to speak more organically.

So I have decided I need some patience because it is prudent, yes, but also because if I am going to truly submit to her, then I have to accept her timing and the pace she wants to keep. Otherwise, what is the point? And of course, not doing so risks the whole house of cards collapsing and being left with neither.

More shopping today

I went shopping again today on my drive home. Staying in another hotel tonight on the way.

I bought a new pair of pink ladies socks that fit me perfectly. I also bough a hot pink beaded bracelet, a layered pink and silver chain necklace that dangles down to my belly button at its lowest point, a pink wrap necklace/bracelet with little silver charms, and some feminine toiletries (Secret antiperspirant, Johnson's baby oil, Johnson's baby powder, and Johnson's body care Melt Away Stress Lavender & Chamomile lotion. I also picked up a lipstick (New York Color brand, color: Snowcone (light pink) and a Montagne Jennesse Mud Pac to give myself a facial.

Right now I am sitting here in the hotel room in the pink socks, braided pink anklet, pink bracelet, pink cotton panties, pink cammy, lipstick, and a splash of cherry blossom body mist. I've never worn lipstick before. Kind of enjoying all of this.

I picked up a few pairs of men's bikini underwear and some shirts to match, just to make my wife feel a little better about all of this. She expressed today that she is concerned I might leave her one day to pursue a life as a full time transvestite. While the idea of dressing up fully is appealing, I would never leave her. I want her to be a part of this. She asked for some more time to get used to it. I'll give her all she needs.

Road Trip and a Panty Shopping Spree

I spent most of the day driving to a hotel several hours away for work. Of course, I was wearing a pair of panties for the drive... the pink satin ones my wife bought me. I managed to wear the butt plug for a little over an hour from the start of the trip. I could have worn it much longer, but I didn't want to get too used to it. I like the way it feels and was looking forward to playing with it in the hotel room. I brought one of my fleshlights as well... the mouth.

I got to the hotel and checked in, then went out to dinner with a co-worker, wearing my panties beneath my work clothes. Afterward, I went back to the hotel and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and headed over to Wal-mart to buy a couple of extra pair of panties. I ended up going on a bit of a shopping spree and bought quite a bit... $43 worth to be exact.

I bought 14 pairs of panties... a 10 pack of Hanes Cotton Bikinis in various patterns, size 9. Size 9 fits me much more comfortably than size 8, apparently this is my size, though the size 8's are doable.

I got a two pack of Smart & Sexy aqua blue nylon bikinis, size 8... I love the see through mesh and one pair is covered in purple and pink flowers, the other pair has a light green pattern running through it. Both have ruffles along the outside.

I bought another pair of George Ladies lace bikinis, size 8, just like the coral ones my wife bought me, but these are pinkish purple.

And I got a pair of George Ladies nylon lace thong, with a matching cammy (both are XL, pink carnation). I am wearing these now along with a pair of pink Faded Glory socks. They are for shoe size 8-12, the biggest I could find, but really tight on me. I will have to look for a larger size. And I am also wearing a pink and yellow braided ankle bracelet.

I got a box of condoms to make the Fleshlight play a little easier on the clean up. I also got a small bottle of bodycology cherry blossom body mist.

I was so nervous walking around the women's department browsing through the different panties and looking for what I wanted. The layout of the store was completely different so I had a hard time finding what I was looking for and there were women all over the place, probably close to a dozen, a couple older than me, but most my age or in their twenties. I got some glances at first but I think they just thought maybe I was picking out something for my wife, but when my basket started to get pretty full, the glances lingered a little longer and I think it was obvious they were for me.

I went through the self check out because I am a big pussy. A young couple came up behind me in line right as I picked up the first pair of panties. I was sooooo embarassed. I hurriedly tried to ring them up and get them in the bag hoping she wasn't paying attention but when I looked over out of the corner of my eye, I could see she was watching me. I kept telling myself that these people don't know me and I will never see them again. It wasn't helping. Just about that time, I was trying to pay with my card and the machine stated an override was needed and the cashier (another young woman) came over and asked to see my ID and card. I was petrified. The panties were all in the bag, open right in front of her, while she glanced at all of the items on the checkout screen and right on top of the bag, was a box of condoms. She smiled at me and tried to make some small talk about being far from home while she typed in her override. My heart was racing by the time I left.

I'm talking to my wife on the phone about it all. She asked me if I brought the coral panties with me. I told her I did and that I bought a few new pairs as well. She said it is a little weird for me to wear them when she is not with me and thinks it is a little odd for me to want to wear them all of the time... just as a fun every once in the while thing would be ok, but this is a little much for her right now all at once. I guess I will need to slow things down. Of course, I have no intention of telling her about the cammy, body mist, bracelet, socks, or the number of panties I just bought. She doesn't want me to wear them every day but I just don't want to give them up. I sooooo hope she doesn't make me. I am having so much fun and finally was starting to feel like I could be me.

Panties, Shopping, and New Toys

So today, my wife put me in an old pair of her panties. White cotton Hanes Her Way, size 6. They were starting to tear and were old. She was going to throw them out, but said I could have them.

I put them on while she watched and we both agreed they were very snug, but they fit well enough. I cleaned up the house with her while wearing them and eventually she sent me out to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner. She wanted me to cook out on the new grill.

I stopped at Tasty's while I was out and spent $150 on a butt plug, cock ring, and crotchless panties for me, and a We Vibe II for her.

I figured since she has been indulging me so much with the panties that I should get her something she has been wanting to try. The woman at the store talked me through how to best use the cock ring and told me a little about the We Vibe. She said it was a very good choice. I wish I would have had the guts to tell her the butt plug was for me and that I was standing there in my wife's panties with my cock trying to break free through the fabric. Honestly, my heart was racing. I was so nervous being in there talking about sex toys with her, even if she was doing most of the talking.

By the time I got through the grocery store and got home, the panties were really starting to tear. I mentioned to my wife as she stood there next to me on the patio that nothing was more manly than grilling out with your wife's panties on. She chuckled and smiled at me. I told her about the panties tearing and my cock was poking through. By the time we got done eating, my balls had managed to find their way out of a second hole. While I was dong dishes, she was standing next to me... I unzipped my shorts and pulled them down so she could see. My cock was protruding, at full erection, on of one hole in her panties and my balls were hanging down out of another. I honestly am not sure how many times I have heard her laugh so hard. It was great! I was laughing too. I asked her if she would go with me to Wal-mart tonight to buy some more that were my size. She said it would have to wait, but told me she had washed the two pairs she bought for me so they would have to do.

I will be driving for eight hours across several states tomorrow and I plan to wear them on the drive. I can't wait. I'm going to see if I can keep the butt plug in that long as well. When I get home, I will tell her about the We Vibe, cock ring, and crotchless panties. I am going to have to work up to tell her about the butt plug. I really want to have sex with her while wearing it, but I don't want to push too much on her at once.

I told her last night and this morning that I wanted her to think about being the one in charge around here. I am going to try and find some good information on the web about female led relationships that she can read. She's not ready to read about full cross dressing and sissies and forced feminization so I will have to be selective. She seems to be warming to at least thinking about it.

She mentioned today that she did think it would be a little weird if I wanted to wear the panties all the time (which I had brought up). I asked her if she would think about letting me and told her that part of me wants her to accept that I want this and part of me wants her to think it is weird because all of this has been so humiliating and that is a big part of the turn on for me. I can't believe I told my wife that I want to feel humiliated. I mentioned that she is always saying I am too aggressive and too hot tempered, so maybe letting her be in charge and getting in touch with my feminine side would help with that. She raised an eyebrow at me and I think maybe that was a little too much for her to process.

I want to go full force with all of this sooooooo badly, but I need to pace it. I know I need to find a good balance of slowing down, but not letting it drop completely. Slow and steady wins the race.

Cleaning House

Today, I am cleaning up the house with my wife... while wearing a pair of her panties. White cotton Hanes Her Way. The best part is, I put them on in front of her. I told her that as long as I have them on, I will do whatever she asks me too. Sexually or otherwise. She is starting to warm up to this. :)

My first time: Panties and Sex

Last night, EC came out of the bathroom dressed in her new panties, just as I was posting about buying them with her. I knew what was coming next... a part of me couldn't wait... a part of me was very very nervous. She asked me, are you going to put yours on too?

I got up, took off my clothes, and took the tag off of the lace bikini panties she had picked out for me barely an hour earlier. George Ladies... size 8. Her size 6 looked amazing on her. She bought a pink pair and a white pair for herself and picked out a coral pair for me.

She also picked out a pair of Simply Basic cotton bikinis for her (pink) and a pair of Simply Basic polyester panties for me (pink, silky material).

So I put them on and stood there, otherwise naked, in front of her and handed her my camera. She commented that the color really suited me and was laughing because, of course, I was hard as a rock and the panties fit, but weren't really designed for an erect cock. It was straining against the top to get out. They also were not designed for balls and they jockeyed for limited space as one seemed to be pushing the other half out. So here I stood, in front of my wife in a pair of sheer lace panties while she reaches down to adjust them so my balls fit more neatly inside. It was heaven.

She took a few pictures of me, then told me to turn around so she could get the back. I did as I was told. I took a few of her and brought her into the bedroom and we took some together and some of her pulling my panties aside while she sucked my cock. It was so much fun.

A few minutes later, she was laying on top of me, grinding her pussy into my face while I held her panties to one side while she sucked my cock, exposed out of the top of the panties, and fondled my balls through the material. The sensation made me very aware that her face was inches from my panty-covered balls, while she ground her hips hard into my face.

She was very close to cumming and stopped sucking on me while I slowed my attentions on her. She rolled over to her side and stroked me with one hand and rubbed my balls with the other. I knew she had a better vantage point to see the panties on me like this.

I got up, picked her up, and carried her over to the glider (chair) in our room. She had a dream the night before that we'd had sex in it. I sat down and positioned her on top of me, facing away just as she described in her dream and started rocking the glider back and forth. Almost immediately, she was moaning and digging her nails lightly into my leg. She started rubbing her clit and I could feel our panties rubbing together. Every time we rocked back, the material pulled tight against my balls and I knew I was not going to last very much longer like this. I wanted to slow down, but she was into it and I did not want to stop her. I came inside of her, but kept rocking. It was an amazing orgasm, but once the hormones subsided, I suddenly found myself very aware of the fact that I was fucking my wife with panties on. The fact that I didn't last long enough for her, though I very rarely do, just added to the humiliation and as if that were not enough, right about the time I was thinking all of this, my cock slipped out of her pussy.

I took over rubbing her clit for her with one hand and squeezed her nipples with the other while kissing her back. She apparently wanted me back inside of her because she was now being very rough with my cock and balls. Jerking, rubbing, pulling squeezing... she commented, between moans, after a few minutes of this that I was obviously not going to get hard again. I knew she wanted a better orgasm than what she would get from my fingers.

I picked her up and laid her on the edge of the bed and pulled her panties down enough that I could get my mouth on her pussy and started licking and sucking her clit. She started pushing my head down against her hard almost immediately. I sucked at her pussy lips, literally finding myself with a mouth full of sperm soaked pussy, knowing full well that it would be obvious I was trying to suck my cum out of her. I went back to her clit and inserted my thumb inside of her, which served to really bring the semen out of her pussy. I sucked in as much as I could... still not really turned on enough to overcome the inhibitions about doing it, but knowing I would be glad I did later on when I was horny again. She was trying hard to spread her legs, so I pulled her panties off of her. It must have been quite a picture... I was on my knees at the foot of our bed, with my cock hanging out of my panties while she laid moaning on the bed with her husband's semen smeared face held firmly between her legs by both of her hands.

Her orgasm was worth it all. She couldn't hold still. Her moans bordered on a quiet scream. And about that time, I was getting hard again. As her orgasm subsided, I moved up and looked her in the eye and kissed her and commented that I was a little embarrassed standing here in panties, kissing my naked wife with my own cum all over my face. She commented that she'd had my cum smeared on her face too, so it was fair.

I took a few more pictures of us. A few of my cock in the panties with her pussy beneath me... she held her pussy open a bit for a few of them. A few with her feet on my cock... she said she may need a break before we have sex again. I asked if she wanted to do it a second time. She said she was satisfied, but would if I wanted. I told her I was satisfied too. I could have done it again... I did want to... but giving her just enough and withholding a little for me added to the submissive feel of the evening.

She picked up her panties off of the bed next to her and said, "Here you go honey, you can slip these into your bag and take it with you on your next trip since they are wet with both our juices, mostly yours though." I picked them up, they were sopping wet. I think I might just do that. She said she was proud of me for going down on her again after I came inside of her. I was proud of myself too!

I pulled my panties up over my cock and as I walked into the bathroom to get ready for bed, she commented, "you do look cute in those". It was the perfect ending to a perfect night.

No turning back now...

I told my wife about two weeks ago that I had a dream while I was away in a hotel room that she took off her panties and made me wear them while I had sex with her. I told her it really turned me on and "joked" that we might just have to try it.

To my utter shock, my sweet vanilla wife said, "ok, if you want to." I had no idea what to say. Was she joking? Serious? I asked her if she thought that was weird and she replied rather nonchalant, "whatever floats your boat".

So after bringing it up a few more times and joking about it here and there, she asked if I might want my own instead of hers because she was not sure hers would fit me. I wanted to tell her I they would, but would just be a little tight, but I let that one go. She decided she had a couple of old pairs that she could let me have. I said I would like that but also thought it would be hot for her to pick some out for me.

Well, tonight she did. She bought me two pair of panties, as well as a few new pairs for herself (in matching styles). I admit I am now petrified to try them on in front of her. Of course, that is only adding to the thrill. I cannot wait to get them on. There's no turning back now that she bought them. It was such a turn on watching her pick them out and hold them up to me right there in the store. People were walking by... either she did not notice or did not care. Likely the former. I got some snickers and some looks. It was heaven.

She was shocked when I took her hand and placed it against my cock so she could see how turned on I was. I guess she didn't realize how much I was looking forward to this. She asked while we were at the check out if I would put them on for her when we got home. If the cashier heard her, he didn't let on. Wow... how did I get this lucky?

I mentioned we should take pictures together in our new panties. If we do, I'll post them asap. :)

While she shaved

Tonight, I took a bath with EC. After sucking on her toes for a bit and washing her from head to toe, I sucked on her nipples while we talked about the sexual things she did with her ex-boyfriends. Then, I held her while she sat on my lap, facing away from me, while she shaved her pussy.

It was a very nice time. I can't wait to do that again!

We had sex after our bath. I have no idea what got into my wife, but she was all over me... she was moaning, and not like usual... it was like I was having sex with another woman. She was into it. Deep guttural moans... she sounded like she had just stepped out of a porn movie. I was actually worried that with the windows open, the neighbors might hear.

She was bucking her hips while I licked her pussy... so much that it kept bringing her anus across my tongue. She normally keeps that off limits... she even let me finger her ass for a while. I loved it! While we were having sex, she kept digging her nails into my back and into my ass, pulling me closer. It was unlike any sex we had ever had before. When we finished, she asked why I had not gone down on her after I came inside of her. She said she would have liked that. I am still in shock.

Cumshot Video Compilation #5

Here is my 5th installment of a collection of my shots. 27 clips together in total with a preview of each in the screenshot above. Thanks again for all the support on my work. Video link below.