Tenth Grade Math: Algebra 3-4

As a sophomore in high school, there was an unbelievably hot girl the sat diagonally in front of me. She would kick off her shoes in class and toe at them... she was as out of my league as a girl can get. Once, during a lecture... yes our teacher managed to give us lectures in 10th grade math... she seemed intent on making my cock burst out of my jeans. She was dangling her shoe from her toe... rubbing her socked feet together or playing with her shoes... she dropped her pencil at one point and picked it up with her toes and that put me over the edge. I needed to cum. There is no way else to say it. I didn't want to cum... I had a pressing... biological need... like bouncing in your seat because you have to pee so bad you can barely hold it in. I NEEDED to cum.

So sitting there in the back of math class while the pencils of my classmates could be heard furiously trying to keep up with the notes he was giving... mine was in my lap, rubbing at the bulging heap of denim. First slowly, and then furiously until I could take no more. I orgasmed... hard... it washed over me... I managed to keep quiet but was out of breath. My toes were curled in my tennis shoes. She could have been staring at me... for all I would have known the whole class could have been staring with the teacher now discussing my technique instead of mathematical anomalies. I did not take my eyes off of her feet from the moment she curled her toes around that pencil until my pants were damp from the cum stained underwear beneath them.

But the sound of scribbling graphite on paper continued, unabated. As I looked around the room, not a single eye was turned my way. For the first time, I had an orgasm in a public place with some 25 or more people in the room. I had no idea how to do the assignment that night... but I count it as among the more accomplished days I had in my four years of high school.