It's not female ejaculate. It's Urine.

So watersports are not my thing. I don't find the idea repulsive or morally objectionable, and if a lover wanted to pee on me I'd have only a few caveats--specifically rules against pre-sex dehydration and/or asparagus.

But what bothers me is the pretense, in porn anyway, that girl-pee is the same thing as female ejaculate.

If it turns you on that girls pee, that's great. If it turns you on that some girls ejaculate something, sometimes, that's great too. If you like the idea of girls becoming incontinent during orgasm... fine. But I am tired of wankers leaving their good sense and their brains at the door. Can we just admit that the studio-tanned, waxed-pussied, fake-titted barbie being carelessly pumped with the purple dildo is not ejaculating? That she's just peeing on cue? She's not enjoying herself, and even if she was she would not likely express her pleasure by voiding a full liter of urine straight up into the air.

I'm all in favor of the willing suspention of disbelief. But please, fellow wankers, could we please get some self respect and a clue?

It's not 'female ejaculate.' It's pee.