We all fell asleep

She fell asleep in our bed watching television when she stayed over one night... we all did... myself, my wife, and her younger sister.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find her bare foot pressed against my cheek. I was hard as a rock. Both of them were asleep. My wife was sleeping on her side facing me. Her sister was laying between us with her head at the foot of the bed. I snuck a lick at her sister's foot and when she didn't stir and my wife's eyes did not pop open I adjusted a little and started sucking on her toes... all the while watching my wife sleep. Half because I was scared to death she would wake up. Half because it added so much to the experience.

We were all on top of the covers and I pulled her other foot to my cock, pulled my cock out of my shorts and rubbed myself against her... slowly.... watching my wife's face for any sign of movement. I experimented with feeling my way up her leg and slipped my fingers just inside her panties... then a little further... the tip... the knuckle... she stirred and I froze... I had a finger in her pussy, a toe in my mouth, and my cock out with her foot pressed against it. No one woke up. I managed to stay married. I pulled my hand free and tasted her. It was heaven. I came all over her foot and realizing I couldn't let her wake up this way, I licked my cum off of her, the first time I had ever managed to get myself to eat my own cum.

I'm in love with her. People do stupid crazy things when they are in love. I was half asleep... drunk with hormones... stupid and crazy in love. I should have felt bad for what I did.... part of me did... strangely I don't regret it.

I reached down and intertwined my fingers in hers and held hands until I fell asleep. At some point, I was startled awake when her hand came free as she rolled over in the bed. Her foot was again pressed against my face. I gave it a kiss and fell back asleep, not bothering to move it aside.