There she was...

She lived down the street from me. I had a crush on her all through childhood. Once, I was riding my bike down the street and glanced over at her house as I always did, just thinking about her. She had no idea I was interested in her. I was too shy to tell her how I felt.

It was getting dark out and her light was on. When I looked up, she was in her room. She had obviously just gotten out of the tub and was in a white bra and panties. I ended up crashing my bike into the ditch more or less across the street from her house. I laid there in the ditch and watched her dry her hair, straighten her room, and put on her pajamas until she turned out the light to go to sleep.

I managed to see her a few more times over the years, sometimes she was topless. Being married to her, I see her naked all the time, but I still love to catch an unexpected glimpse of her in her panties every chance I get.