Losing my virginity

I was fifteen. She was thirteen. I'd had a crush on her since elementary school and eventually, I got up the courage to talk to her and eventually to ask her to be my girlfriend and finally, everything had come together to bring us to this moment.
She was lying in the grass behind my garage with her shorts and panties around her ankles. I had my shorts pulled down just enough to let my cock free, harder than it has ever been.

I can still remember every moment... every touch... the kiss... the feeling of her bare legs pressing in on either side of me... the tight feeling of the condom on my cock... her nervous breathing getting heavier... her heart beating rapidly beneath my chest... her boobs pressing into me... the grass between my fingers...

... the amazing feeling of entering her for the first time. I can still feel her tight pussy slipping past every inch of my cock... hearing her take a deep sharp breath... I was her first and she was mine... the orgasm was different than anything I had ever experienced.

I loved my first time with her. How many people end up marrying the one they gave their virginity to?