I took it all the way!

I've played briefly with toys in my ass before... a small butt plug... a thin flexible vibe... once I tried my wife's full size dildo... about the same size as my own cock. I admit it hurt like a bitch and I stopped after just a couple of seconds I decided I wanted to know how it felt. If my wife can take my cock in her ass, why can't I handle it? So last night in my hotel room, I'm looking at porn and I happened to bring along a couple of my wife's dildos and my pussy flesh light.

I got out the smaller of the two dildos. A very thin, vibrating, blue waterproof toy shaped like a penis ribbed with some pretty harsh ridges. I managed to get it inside me a good few inches. I turned on my camera and the vibe and fucked myself with the fleshlight. It felt pretty good.

Tonight though... I took her big one. It's by far larger than me... both in length and girth. A vibrating, cyberskin realistic cock. It took me a while but I got it inside me a few inches. I had some trouble getting it in very far. I turned on the vibe and tried to relax and watch some porn. A good 45 minutes later, with is still in my ass, I pulled it out and relubed. I slid it back inside me and sat on it. Wow!! All the way in. It didn't hurt like I thought it would. I toyed with sliding it in and out and had on some good female on male strap-on porn. I came pretty hard but I have to say that the best part is how I felt afterward. I felt more satisfied than I can ever remember after jacking off. I really wonder how the real thing feels. Even now, over an hour later, I feel fulfilled. I'm so proud of myself for taking it. I can't wait to do it again.