I drank my wife's pee in highschool

When my wife and I were dating in high school, we thought at one point that she might be pregnant. I was fifteen and she was 13. We went out and bought a pregnancy test and she came over to my house. We went in the bathroom together and I had her pee in this plastic cup that I always liked to use.

We dipped the stick in the cup and I purposefully set the cup out of the way at the back of the sink. (She turned out not to be pregnant.) I scooted her out of the bathroom saying that I had to go. She protested about the cup of pee sitting there. I told her I would take care of it. I locked the door and took a sip from the cup. I remember it was warm and salty... bitter... I drank the rest. I would love to do it again. After all this time... I still have the cup. It hasn't been washed or used since.