Entirely by accident

I was staying the night at my brother 's house when I was in highschool. He had gone out to work early in the morning. The baby was fussing upstairs. I went up to check on her and then went into my brother's bedroom to tell his wife that the baby was upset and I didn't know what to do.

She was still asleep, laying on her back... mostly under the covers but one side of her was uncovered and she was apparently naked. Her breast was exposed. She is unbelievably attractive and I couldn't believe I was seeing this.

I backed out of the room and did my best to quiet the baby. A few minutes later, I was locked in the bathroom inhaling from a pair of her panties that I had found on the bathroom floor while I masturbated with my pants around my ankles.

I have always regretting not taking a longer look... perhaps a quick touch... perhaps seeing how deep a sleeper she was... perhaps a little more exploring.

Oh to be a teenager again!