Dirty Panties

A woman asked me some questions in response to some pictures of my sister in law's panties that I posted on Newbie Nudes.com and this is my response.
Her private message to me:
"My bf also is into playing around with others panties. Tell me more about what you do with them and how you feel when you get a chance to go through some girls room. Have some photos to share with you as well"

My response:
Mostly, I love to smell a woman's panties... I feel like I am in some way connecting to the essence of the woman who wore them.

I have more recently found that I love licking them clean. I love how sweet they taste. It's amazing how similar and yet still how different each woman is. I've only tasted a few... my wife's, her sister's, her aunt's, my older brother's wife's, and a girl I used to work with.

My brother's wife's panties were the first I played with. I was about 15 or 16 at the time and worked for my brother's business. I was staying the night over at his house once and woke up early after my brother had gone to get some things for work and my niece (a baby at the time) was crying upstairs. I went upstairs to see what was going on and my sister in law was laying asleep in bed with the covers half covering her, completely naked. Of course, seeing her naked breast required relief at that age. Looking back, I wish I would have tried to touch or kiss them while she slept, but well... hind sight and all. So I locked myself in the bathroom and there on the floor were a pair of lacy black panties. I smelled them and it was purely intoxicating. I felt like I could cum right then without even touching myself. It wasn't long after I started that I did cum, but I managed to clean up every bit of the sweet nectar she had left behind.

My wife's are obviously pretty easy to enjoy. Each time, I wonder with part worry and part hope... will this be the time she notices the crotch is damp and mysteriously clean when she picks them up to do laundry? How will she react?

Her sister's panties have been harder to come by, but she goes on vacation with us sometimes and occasionally stays the night. From there it is just a matter of whether or not I will have an opportunity alone long enough. Usually, I do. Playing with my sister in law's panties "feels" different. My heart is always racing, I feel all fluttery inside... I have had a crush on her for years so it's a delicious mixture of emotions... it's taboo... I feel connected to her... my wife's sister's panties are by far my favorite to play with. I'm not sure if it is all in my head or not because of how I already feel about her, but she smells and tastes the best of all I've tried.

A lot of the girls at work would change into their uniforms in the restroom and leave their clothes in a bag. I would play with them often and once, in a girl's backpack, I found 2 pairs of dirty thong panties. I took them with me. Those were the first I had taken home with me. Also deliciously sweet and they smelled wonderful. I don't have them anymore. In a fit of guilt, I tossed them along with the first pair of my wife's sister's panties I had taken. I regret that immensely.

My wife's aunt's are the most recent procurement. I took them in January of this past year during a birthday party. Her aunt is only a few years older
than me (she was a "surprise" for my wife's grandparents later in life). She is a nurse and so this fills so many fantasies at once. lol

I love to masturbate while I smell them. I usually get completely naked, and inhale as deeply as I can. Sometimes, I imagine she is there in the room encouraging me, other times, I imagine she comes in and catches me. Usually though, I just take it in without much fantasy. Her panties are enough on their own to consume me.

I'm thinking about purchasing some dirty panties from a woman over the internet. I'd have to set up a P.O. Box so my wife doesn't get them in the mailbox, but there is something about the thought of paying for them... with the woman knowing full well what I plan to do with them, that gets me excited.