I love fucking shoes (retifism)

I have a shoe fetish. Not in the sense of buying tons and tons of shoes, but in the sense that women's shoes, especially tennis shoes, turn me on. They don't have to be on a woman. I'm not sure what it is. I can see a pair of shoes... walking through a shoe department even... and I get turned on.

I love the way the leather smells... worn or not. I love the way the shoe laces look weaving in and out of the eyelets. I love the way my cock feels inside them. I have had sex with so many pairs... my wife's... her sister's... a few co-workers... a friend in highschool. I find myself somehow intimately connected to the person who owns them, though it is more than that. The truth is, I just like fucking shoes.

It is called retifism. I know it seems like it is out there... my wife thinks it's cute... it is nice to know there is a term for it and that many more people than you might a first suspect are into it.

Strip Pool

"Strip pool" has become a favored pass time when the kids go to bed. I usually have to miss a few shots on purpose so I can get naked too, though my wife is getting pretty good.

I kissed her sister

We fell asleep next to each other on the living room couch watching television. When I woke up, somehow, my arm was around her and her head was leaning on my shoulder. Before I knew it, still half asleep, I leaned over and kissed her lips. She started to kiss back and then a few seconds into it, she woke up. It was awkward and we have never talked about it... it was such an amazing moment. I wish I could kiss her again.

Hard for shoes

Women's shoes for some reason turn me on. I love playing with them. My sister in law's shoes are my favorite, but I also play with my wife's and have played with a few pairs that belong to coworkers.

My wife teases me when we walk through the shoe department in the stores at the mall. I still can't believe I told her.

Naked on the car at 4am

When I was engaged to my ex, she and I moved in to my parent's basement while we got some money saved up for our apartment.

We had an old Plymouth Horizon at the back of the property and one night, we both stripped completely naked and went outside at like 4am. We left our clothes in the basement and didn't take a thing with us. I sat on the front bumper of the car and she climbed on my lap and put her knees on the bumper to either side of me. We were going at it like it was our first time and kept jumping at every little noise. It was fantastic.

If anyone would have caught us, there would have been no way to hide the fact that we were out there naked. We were back inside barely a half hour when we heard my dad get up for work. One of my favorite times. I miss her, she was something else.

My wife was my first

Of course, we were not married at the time... we were in highschool. I went out, embarrassed as hell and bought a box of condoms. We went out and started making out in the grass behind my garage. I helped her pull down her shorts and panties and pulled mine down just enough to get my cock out. I barely had the condom on and was inside her. I love having sex outside though we don't get many opportunities these days.
We broke up after I graduated high school but got back together after she graduated.

Hand job on the school bus

Both my parents worked so after school, we used to go to my house and have sex just about every day. She lived down the street so I would walk her home and her mom never suspected. Once she had someplace to go with her mom and so we weren't going to be able to have sex so on the bus, she rubbed my dick through my clothes until I came in my pants. I had to carry my bag in front of me when I got off the bus to hide it because you could totally tell. I didn't bother changing until it was time for bed.

Cumming in math class

In 10th grade Algebra class I sat in the back row behind a really hot cheerleader who I think was a junior at the time. One day while everyone was focused on the teacher, I noticed she had taken off her shoes and was sort of toe-ing at the floor and her shoes while she took notes. I moved my hand below my desk and started rubbing my dick through my jeans with the side of my pencil.

I was so transfixed on her socked feet that I had to keep reminding myself to look around and make sure no one was watching. Before long, I started pressing harder with the pencil and I came in my pants in the back of math class staring at this older girl's feet and shoes.

Math was second period. Luckily, my underwear did a good job of absorbing the cum. I walked around the rest of the day with cum in my pants.

Mmmmmm! I love her toes!

Ever since we were teenagers, I have loved to suck on her toes.

Sometimes, when we are fooling around in bed, I will close my eyes and pretend her big toe is a little cock. I like to run my tongue between her toes and kiss the bottoms of her feet. It is so much better in the winter time. She always wears flip flops or sandals in the summer but she wears socks in the winter keep her toes nice and warm and they are always so much better.

Her perfect ass

My wife has a perfect ass. I love kissing her naked butt.

I enjoy getting down on my knees behind her, and sliding her panties down to her ankles as I press my lips against her warm skin.

I like to slide my hands up her legs to her hips and pull her into me. Kissing. Sucking. Nibbling. Leaving little purplish hickies to mark her as mine... evidence of my submission to her.

I could spend an hour on my knees behind her. Kissing and licking and sucking. Fingering her pussy. Probing her most private area with my tongue. Burying my face between her perfect ass.

It's one of my favorite things to do when she's doing dishes or brushing her teeth or drying her hair after a hot shower. I've become very familiar with our kitchen floor over the years.

There she was...

She lived down the street from me. I had a crush on her all through childhood. Once, I was riding my bike down the street and glanced over at her house as I always did, just thinking about her. She had no idea I was interested in her. I was too shy to tell her how I felt.

It was getting dark out and her light was on. When I looked up, she was in her room. She had obviously just gotten out of the tub and was in a white bra and panties. I ended up crashing my bike into the ditch more or less across the street from her house. I laid there in the ditch and watched her dry her hair, straighten her room, and put on her pajamas until she turned out the light to go to sleep.

I managed to see her a few more times over the years, sometimes she was topless. Being married to her, I see her naked all the time, but I still love to catch an unexpected glimpse of her in her panties every chance I get.

12 feet away

We were in high school and fucking like bunnies sometimes two and three times a day. It was getting late and her mom told her it was time for me to go home. We were standing on the steps next to the back door saying our drawn out, extended goodbyes.

Her mom was about 12 feet away with her back to us doing dishes at the sink. We were kissing and leaning into each other and I moved the bottom of her shorts and panties over and starting fingering her pussy. She was a little nervous because her mom was right there but we were both into it and feeling mischievous and dirty made it all that much hotter.

I moved my shorts aside and pulled my very hard dick out and quietly slipped it into her and slowly rocked my hips. Her mom occasionally glanced over her shoulder encouraging us to hurry up with the goodbyes and get going. I stopped thrusting just as her head started to turn and before long, I had cum inside her daughter's pussy not 12 feet away from her. We kissed goodbye for real... she told me how bad I was and I was on my way.

Sweet, delicious breast milk

She's been pregnant a few times now in our marriage and each time, I have just loved drinking from her. Her milk is so sweet and delicious. I love how it fills my mouth and she holds my head as I nurse from her. If it were up to me, she would keep it up and I could just replace any need for picking it up from the grocery store. That would be fantastic!

I regret missed opportunities

We were having sex in my office at the house. She was in a sex swing and I was standing up in front of her. After I came inside her and helped her out of the swing, some of my cum dripped from her pussy and landed on her foot.

She knows how much I love sucking her toes and kissing her feet. She lifted her foot up and sort of half jokingly asked if I would like to have a lick. I froze. I was so embarrassed because I told her once I was curious about eating cum. She has kissed me after a blow job before and I've eaten her creampie a few times. I don't know why this was somehow so different. I guess because kissing her feet is submissive as it is. Eating my own cum from her pussy is sexually pleasing her at the same time... being kissed is passive. In this case... it would have been solely for the purpose of me eating my cum. Of course, I do it all the time privately but this would have been different.

I so regret not taking her up on it. Random chance handed me an opportunity and I passed it up. Now, it is likely my only chance will be to purposefully jack off on her feet and clean her up. One of these days, I will.

Losing my virginity

I was fifteen. She was thirteen. I'd had a crush on her since elementary school and eventually, I got up the courage to talk to her and eventually to ask her to be my girlfriend and finally, everything had come together to bring us to this moment.
She was lying in the grass behind my garage with her shorts and panties around her ankles. I had my shorts pulled down just enough to let my cock free, harder than it has ever been.

I can still remember every moment... every touch... the kiss... the feeling of her bare legs pressing in on either side of me... the tight feeling of the condom on my cock... her nervous breathing getting heavier... her heart beating rapidly beneath my chest... her boobs pressing into me... the grass between my fingers...

... the amazing feeling of entering her for the first time. I can still feel her tight pussy slipping past every inch of my cock... hearing her take a deep sharp breath... I was her first and she was mine... the orgasm was different than anything I had ever experienced.

I loved my first time with her. How many people end up marrying the one they gave their virginity to?

If only...

It is the one thing she cannot give me. I am drawn to cock. I have always loved sucking cock.

Growing up, my first many sexual experiences involved cock... with neighborhood boys, my brother, and my cousin... to my best friend in high school and one man since.

If she had a cock, she wouldn't be able to keep me away from it. She has enough trouble with that as it is. :)

There is just something about cock.

Entirely by accident

I was staying the night at my brother 's house when I was in highschool. He had gone out to work early in the morning. The baby was fussing upstairs. I went up to check on her and then went into my brother's bedroom to tell his wife that the baby was upset and I didn't know what to do.

She was still asleep, laying on her back... mostly under the covers but one side of her was uncovered and she was apparently naked. Her breast was exposed. She is unbelievably attractive and I couldn't believe I was seeing this.

I backed out of the room and did my best to quiet the baby. A few minutes later, I was locked in the bathroom inhaling from a pair of her panties that I had found on the bathroom floor while I masturbated with my pants around my ankles.

I have always regretting not taking a longer look... perhaps a quick touch... perhaps seeing how deep a sleeper she was... perhaps a little more exploring.

Oh to be a teenager again!

Dirty Panties

A woman asked me some questions in response to some pictures of my sister in law's panties that I posted on Newbie Nudes.com and this is my response.
Her private message to me:
"My bf also is into playing around with others panties. Tell me more about what you do with them and how you feel when you get a chance to go through some girls room. Have some photos to share with you as well"

My response:
Mostly, I love to smell a woman's panties... I feel like I am in some way connecting to the essence of the woman who wore them.

I have more recently found that I love licking them clean. I love how sweet they taste. It's amazing how similar and yet still how different each woman is. I've only tasted a few... my wife's, her sister's, her aunt's, my older brother's wife's, and a girl I used to work with.

My brother's wife's panties were the first I played with. I was about 15 or 16 at the time and worked for my brother's business. I was staying the night over at his house once and woke up early after my brother had gone to get some things for work and my niece (a baby at the time) was crying upstairs. I went upstairs to see what was going on and my sister in law was laying asleep in bed with the covers half covering her, completely naked. Of course, seeing her naked breast required relief at that age. Looking back, I wish I would have tried to touch or kiss them while she slept, but well... hind sight and all. So I locked myself in the bathroom and there on the floor were a pair of lacy black panties. I smelled them and it was purely intoxicating. I felt like I could cum right then without even touching myself. It wasn't long after I started that I did cum, but I managed to clean up every bit of the sweet nectar she had left behind.

My wife's are obviously pretty easy to enjoy. Each time, I wonder with part worry and part hope... will this be the time she notices the crotch is damp and mysteriously clean when she picks them up to do laundry? How will she react?

Her sister's panties have been harder to come by, but she goes on vacation with us sometimes and occasionally stays the night. From there it is just a matter of whether or not I will have an opportunity alone long enough. Usually, I do. Playing with my sister in law's panties "feels" different. My heart is always racing, I feel all fluttery inside... I have had a crush on her for years so it's a delicious mixture of emotions... it's taboo... I feel connected to her... my wife's sister's panties are by far my favorite to play with. I'm not sure if it is all in my head or not because of how I already feel about her, but she smells and tastes the best of all I've tried.

A lot of the girls at work would change into their uniforms in the restroom and leave their clothes in a bag. I would play with them often and once, in a girl's backpack, I found 2 pairs of dirty thong panties. I took them with me. Those were the first I had taken home with me. Also deliciously sweet and they smelled wonderful. I don't have them anymore. In a fit of guilt, I tossed them along with the first pair of my wife's sister's panties I had taken. I regret that immensely.

My wife's aunt's are the most recent procurement. I took them in January of this past year during a birthday party. Her aunt is only a few years older
than me (she was a "surprise" for my wife's grandparents later in life). She is a nurse and so this fills so many fantasies at once. lol

I love to masturbate while I smell them. I usually get completely naked, and inhale as deeply as I can. Sometimes, I imagine she is there in the room encouraging me, other times, I imagine she comes in and catches me. Usually though, I just take it in without much fantasy. Her panties are enough on their own to consume me.

I'm thinking about purchasing some dirty panties from a woman over the internet. I'd have to set up a P.O. Box so my wife doesn't get them in the mailbox, but there is something about the thought of paying for them... with the woman knowing full well what I plan to do with them, that gets me excited.

We all fell asleep

She fell asleep in our bed watching television when she stayed over one night... we all did... myself, my wife, and her younger sister.

I woke up in the middle of the night to find her bare foot pressed against my cheek. I was hard as a rock. Both of them were asleep. My wife was sleeping on her side facing me. Her sister was laying between us with her head at the foot of the bed. I snuck a lick at her sister's foot and when she didn't stir and my wife's eyes did not pop open I adjusted a little and started sucking on her toes... all the while watching my wife sleep. Half because I was scared to death she would wake up. Half because it added so much to the experience.

We were all on top of the covers and I pulled her other foot to my cock, pulled my cock out of my shorts and rubbed myself against her... slowly.... watching my wife's face for any sign of movement. I experimented with feeling my way up her leg and slipped my fingers just inside her panties... then a little further... the tip... the knuckle... she stirred and I froze... I had a finger in her pussy, a toe in my mouth, and my cock out with her foot pressed against it. No one woke up. I managed to stay married. I pulled my hand free and tasted her. It was heaven. I came all over her foot and realizing I couldn't let her wake up this way, I licked my cum off of her, the first time I had ever managed to get myself to eat my own cum.

I'm in love with her. People do stupid crazy things when they are in love. I was half asleep... drunk with hormones... stupid and crazy in love. I should have felt bad for what I did.... part of me did... strangely I don't regret it.

I reached down and intertwined my fingers in hers and held hands until I fell asleep. At some point, I was startled awake when her hand came free as she rolled over in the bed. Her foot was again pressed against my face. I gave it a kiss and fell back asleep, not bothering to move it aside.

porn vs. playstation

The adult entertainment industry’s elder statesman, Ron Jeremy, was recently at a consumer electronics conference, where he got some press for saying that violent video games were more dangerous for children than is pornography.

Is it a contest? I mean, is the ethical goal of the pornographer to be less morally corrosive than some other cultural phenomenon? It’s a bit like the soft-drink industry saying, Well, high-fructose corn-syrup isn’t as bad for kids as crack. Maybe it’s true, but so what?

Part of Mr. Jeremy’s point is that The Porn Industry—as if there was a cohesive entity deserving that title—makes efforts to keep children from seeing explicitly sexual material, which is a noble goal. But to the extent that consumers and parents are thus relieved of their responsibilities, it is not going to have much effect on the worst of what children see.

Comparing porn to computer games is perhaps not completely pointless in the electronics-trade-show context, but is otherwise pretty pointless to individuals making personal and political decisions. What kind of pornography, and how much of it, is being compared to how many weekly hours of which video games? Are we comparing immersive, ten-hour sessions of Grand Theft Auto IV, to faux-goth, soft-core porn with pale tattooed girls? Or are we comparing a few weekly hours of Age of Empires IV, to the experience of an introverted adolescent virgin whose whole sexual experience is limited, for years, to long daily exposures to streaming video from such wholesome erotic websites as Deep-Throat Gaggers, Eyeball Cum, and Degraded Teens?

Porn can be unethically made, can be unhealthy in content, and can be both abusive and abused. Pornography is just another entertainment genre that can be good or bad, responsible or irresponsible. Face it, Porn Fans: There is a lot of virulently hostile and misogynistic porn out there, which occupies a troublingly large fraction of the sexually explicit bandwidth. If Mr. Jeremy’s discourse is part of a larger trend to drag pornography out of the shadows, and treat it like any other business, then it’s a positive thing. But to the extent that he is distracting makers and consumers from their individual responsibilities to make ethical decisions, his role is counter-productive.