Licking Pussy

The best part of licking a woman's pussy is savoring her delicious and aromatic juices.

The first time I had ever smelled a pussy was in 1991 while my wife and I were dating. I was 15, in high school and she was 13 in middle school. We had been "going together" for a couple of months and things had naturally progressed to where she allowed me to slip my hand down her pants. I had to encourage her to let me keep going when my fingers were just shy of her pubic hair. I had experienced a handful of sexual experiences with other boys but had never played with a girl. I was her first of any kind and she was extremely shy. Before long, my fingers were tangled in her pubic hair and then I felt her pussy lips. I remember being surprised that she was wet down there. I'd had no knoweldge of a girl's pussy except what I learned in 8th grade health class and that certainly did not prepare me for this. I managed to get my middle finger in knuckle deep when her sister came out onto the porch and I pulled my hand free before anything was noticed. Dinner was ready and I had to go.

As I was walking home (I lived 4 houses down the street), I smelled my finger and intoxicated myself with her scent. I didn't want to wash my hand, but I knew the smell would fade eventually and I was too curious about how she tastes. I locked myself in my bedroom and smelled her delicious smell while I masturbated with my free hand, pants around my ankles. I sucked my finger like a little cock when I started to cum and it was one of the most amazing orgasms I had ever had up to that point.

Within 3 months of "going together" we had sex and it was only a few weeks afterward when I finally got to smell and taste her pussy. I remember it so well... sitting naked on my knees on her bedroom floor, she laid back on her bed and I scooted her bottom to the edge. I pulled her legs up around my shoulders and leaned in to kiss her. She smelled and tasted so sweet. I was hooked from that moment. It remains one of my favorite things to do and, while thinking back I have to admit I had no idea what I was doing, I've since become very good at making her cum with my lips and tongue. It is its own reward.

Wives and Masturbation

I have spoken with a lot of men, or seen posts on the various groups I am a part of, on the subject of wives and masturbation. I am surprised by how many married men there are with wives who so disapprove of their masturbatory habits that they feel they must do it privately and in secret. In some cases, their wives are so against it that it's almost as though they cheating on their wives... with themselves.

I'll admit that in the beginning of our marriage, I did this behind closed doors and often secretly as well. I chalk it up mostly to just being a little embarrassed or feeling self conscious about it... all my single life, growing up, it was done in secret, after all.

Eventually, she found the cum rags when she did the laundry. I say "found" loosely because while we weren't talking about it, I also was never exactly hiding it. A few years ago, I just said, what the heck am I being so shy about? The next time I got in the shower with her, I jerked off like I always do when I'm in there alone. It opened up a good discussion and the rest as they say is history.

My wife knows now that I masturbate several times a week, often daily and many times more than once in a day. A lot of times, I still lock the door and do it in private, not really out of necessity but because sometimes I just like to be alone. But she has seen me do it often as well. Honestly, I like it most when she watches me.

She does it too and while she is still a little self conscious about doing it in front of me, she always makes it a point to tell me after she did with this sort of 'guess what I just did' smirk on her face. It's sexy as hell. Sometimes I think that look on her face afterward is worth more than watching her.