Balcony Sex

EC and I went out on the balcony of our condo in Seagrove tonight about 10:00pm after the kids went to sleep. It was the clearest night since we have been here. Still some clouds but more stars than we are used to seeing by far.

We kissed. She was a little nervous about taking off her clothes, there was an adequate amount of light coming out from the condo through the curtains that if someone saw us, they would be able to see our silhouettes, so she just slid her panties off from under her skirt. By the time she turned around, I was completely naked.

I got on my knees as she sat in the chair and I pulled her hips until she was leaning back with her pussy waiting at the edge of the chair. I kissed and fingered her pussy and sucked and licked her clit for a good 15 or 20 minutes. It felt good feeling the wind blowing on my hard cock and balls. She was just too nervous and couldn't concentrate on getting to an orgasm. I stood up and slid my cock inside her.

As I started to fuck my wife, I leaned over and kissed her. I love kissing after I have gone down, sharing the taste with her. I was enjoying the feeling of the wind on my naked ass and balls, listening to the waves crash on the sand behind me., my cock thrusting in and out of my wife. As I leaned back up from the kiss, I pulled her shirt and bra up to expose her naked breasts to the night air as well. No reason we should not both enjoy the wind on our skin.

It was not long before I started to cum inside her. I briefly considered going down on her to clean up but I chose not to. This was a big leap for her, as dark and empty as it was down on the beach, I know she was nervous. I am happy she did this for me and decided not to push it any longer. Perhaps next time.