Hilary Duff Birthday Present

It was Hilary's birthday today and as always I was glad to treat her right. Vid link below.

The Joydick

This is exactly what needs to be put out on the market. I would have sooo much fun with a game like this. Just imagine how much fun it would be to beat your high score. What better way to condition yourself to last longer? :)

There are instructions on how to make your own on the site: http://projects.sfmedialabs.com/?page_id=77 but this is way over my head... no pun intended.


Last night, EC asked me to get out the new fleshlights I bought. We started with the pink Pussy Fleshlight with the Vortex texture. (I also got a pink Mouth with the Speed Bump texture and an ice (clear) Butt with the Wonder Wave texture.

I got naked and she layed next to me fully clothed. All I can say is wow... it felt more like her pussy than anything else I have played with. She had a lot of fun with it too. Can't wait to take some pictures and videos and upload them. We're about to play again tonight. She wants to watch my cock inside the ice Butt. ;)

Us and Them

I gained a bit of retroactive respect for Nikita Krushchev when I heard that his entire entourage, from his advisors to his driver, ate the same food at the same table. At least he seems to have been an authentic egalitarian. Marxism for him was not just a convenient pose to sustain his privileged status in a totalitarian state. His behavior suggests rather that, in his idealist vision, individuals have different roles, but they are all human... all essentially the same, with the same rights and needs.

I don't know how I stumbled on Marks Cum Blog [sic], but what struck me about it was this: Nearly every posting of themed photos (in the linked posting, it's intermammary intercourse) includes some pictures of the blogger and/or his sexual partner. I appreciate the way this act subverts, or simply ignores, the presumed relationships of power, and the one-way nature of voyeurism, between the subject and object of the sexual gaze in pornography. By recognizing his own potential--and that of his beloved--to be eroticized and objectified, he is also tacitly but unambiguously acknowedging the humanity of the on-camera talent in the sexually explicit images he posts. He is saying, in effect, They are not really different than Us.

This doesn't mean that "Mark" or the viewers of his blog are responsible or ethical porn consumers, at least not yet. I assume the photos he posts are as likely as any to use exploited talent, for example. But his effort
(probably unconscious, but very real and honest) to dissolve the Fourth Wall of pornography is an important step.

People who share their sexuality on camera have lives, and have rights. They want security and comfort, and they search for love and meaningful connection with the people they care about.

Once an awareness of these simple truths is present, it is more likely that the porn consumer will make choices that preserve and protect the integrity and well being of those people, whose work in pornography we enjoy.

Having said all that, I do wish this Mark guy would learn to spell.

Balcony Sex

EC and I went out on the balcony of our condo in Seagrove tonight about 10:00pm after the kids went to sleep. It was the clearest night since we have been here. Still some clouds but more stars than we are used to seeing by far.

We kissed. She was a little nervous about taking off her clothes, there was an adequate amount of light coming out from the condo through the curtains that if someone saw us, they would be able to see our silhouettes, so she just slid her panties off from under her skirt. By the time she turned around, I was completely naked.

I got on my knees as she sat in the chair and I pulled her hips until she was leaning back with her pussy waiting at the edge of the chair. I kissed and fingered her pussy and sucked and licked her clit for a good 15 or 20 minutes. It felt good feeling the wind blowing on my hard cock and balls. She was just too nervous and couldn't concentrate on getting to an orgasm. I stood up and slid my cock inside her.

As I started to fuck my wife, I leaned over and kissed her. I love kissing after I have gone down, sharing the taste with her. I was enjoying the feeling of the wind on my naked ass and balls, listening to the waves crash on the sand behind me., my cock thrusting in and out of my wife. As I leaned back up from the kiss, I pulled her shirt and bra up to expose her naked breasts to the night air as well. No reason we should not both enjoy the wind on our skin.

It was not long before I started to cum inside her. I briefly considered going down on her to clean up but I chose not to. This was a big leap for her, as dark and empty as it was down on the beach, I know she was nervous. I am happy she did this for me and decided not to push it any longer. Perhaps next time.

A Poem: Our night on the Balcony

They first made love beneath a tree;
last night, on a balcony.

Her naked man, down on his knees;
Under her skirt, in the ocean breeze.

The beach was dark, the stars were bright;
Two silhouettes played in the night.

Salty wind on naked skin;
A nervous kiss as they begin.

He stands naked, before her chair;
Lifts her shirt, her breasts now bare.

She parts her legs, he thrusts his hips;
A quiet moan escapes his lips.

Back and forth, they slowly dance;
To ocean waves against the sand.

As lightning lights the starry sky;
his cock explodes deep in his bride.

Leaning down into her kiss;
A whispered "thank you" on his lips.

Amazed at how his shy young wife;
Brings another fantasy to life.

Ashlee Simpson

It has been a long time since I have worked with an old favorite in Ashlee, glad we could cum back together ;) Vid link below.

Miley Cyrus

She just seems to be getting tougher to resist every week. Vid link below.

A challenge to "Ethical Porn Consumers" from Salon.com

Here’s a link to a posting from the Salon.com blog, Broadsheet. Broadsheet is the latest incarnation of Mothers Who Think, a column from a previous decade that never really worked, but that just won't die. Salon has long struggled to find its voice for gender issues, but always ends up, on the whole, with a whiney vibe, in a privileged, coastal and fundamentally conventional feminist-mom kind of way. This is despite women who write elsewhere for Salon.com—Stephanie Zacharek, Heather Havrileski, Cintra Wilson, Camille Paglia—who simply by being themselves do more as human beings and as women every day, than the conventional bobo wisdom and tepid snark of Broadsheet will ever achieve.

The author is writing about condom use and HIV testing in the porn industry. What I appreciated about the linked post was this:

That brings me right back to the same conclusion I came to before: It's all about the audience. For those ethical porn consumers out there -- and I'm convinced they do exist, despite past reader comments to the contrary -- it's possible to vote with your dollars. (Of course, much of what gets traction online is pirated material or free teasers for for-pay content, in which case the consumer vote is less direct.) The best middle ground solution I've come across is one suggested by Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation founder Sharon Mitchell shortly after the 2004 outbreak: Why not promote a "seal of approval" that advertises a porno's ethical production values? The gold standard might be requiring rigorous two-week testing and actively defending workers' right to perform with or without a condom. It would be a disclaimer of sorts -- essentially, "no porn stars were harmed in the making of this movie."

I would favor more HIV testing, although not a legal obligation to use condoms at all times. But that’s not the point.

The point is this: The author is not calling for laws or interdiction, but expressing a faith that consumers of pornography can come to intelligent, thoughtful decisions, can be responsible and ethical. And she’s issuing a challenge that they indeed be responsible and ethical. And that’s where I agree the the author, and on a subject more fundamental than the topic of the Broadsheet entry: Treating porn like any other consumer product (rather than further judging and marginalizing it and its fans) is more likely to improve the conditions of its direct and indirect victims, than is any further campaign of censorship, persecution, and exclusion from the mainstream of culture and of law.