Dream... fucked in the ass

So, I had a dream last night... I was out and ended up at the front door of some college kids... As I talked to a muscular 20-something guy with short blond hair at the door, I looked over and saw through the front window that another guy was sitting on the couch, naked, leaning back with his back on the seat cushion and feet on the floor. A girl, presumably his girlfriend, was standing on her feet, also naked, facing away from him. She was bent over and steadying herself with her hands on her knees while she bounced up and down on him.

Somehow, I could tell the guy who answered the door was gay and I was half-worried, half-hoping he would somehow figure out I was interested in guys. I have no idea what we were talking about all this time, but somehow it came down to making sure he could contact me on instant messenger. He brought me inside his house and sat at his computer chair, a few feet from the other couple. I stood in front of him, at the desk, to put in my contact information and the next thing I knew, he was pulling down my shorts and underwear (which is odd in that I just about never wear any) and before I knew it, he was guiding me lower towards him. His cock was out, hard and without any difficulty whatsoever, he slid his dick into my ass and started guiding my hips up and down. I remember moaning... it felt amazing. He let go of my hips and I kept up the rhythm myself. I looked over at the other couple, the guy was smiling at me while the girl was bouncing up and down on his cock... just as I was... before long, I woke up.

I lay there in bed, rubbing my dick and remembering the details of the dream. I would love to find the right guy to try some of this with. I am dying to suck another cock, but more and more I find myself curious about being gently fucked in the ass.