a (somewhat) new internet radio show

My friend Trish and I did an internet talk/radio show last February through August and it was wicked fun. We sort of stopped doing it for a while but now we're going to do it again! If you'd like to check it out, listen, call in and talk, call in and prank us, whatever, here's the link:

Trish and Ally's Provocatalk Show - Tonight, August 29th, at Midnight

We can talk about Masturbation. We can talk about whatever you'd like - but most often we talk about whatever WE like. I'm sure you'll find some things to like in there. See you at the show!

EC's dream

When we woke up this morning, EC was telling me about the dream she had last night. Her sister had gotten her own place and we were walking around in it. Her sister was never there. Apparently, at some point, it opened up into a sprawling complex and we were walking naked down a long hallway. A random guy wlked up to us and said something about doing some things. She figured since we were all already naked, why not? So she laid on the floor with him and he fucked her with me watching. She had an amazing orgasm and when she woke up, realized she had also had an orgasm in real life. She wasn't sure if it was just a really good orgasm in the dream or if she really did have one. She said she's woken up after sex dreams before and masturbated herself to orgasm, but had never had one spontaneously like this. She's pregnant and when she orgasms, her stomach becomes very hard from contractions and she was surprised to find this to be the case from her dream. Obviously she did. I have heard of this.

How I wish I could get her to do something like this for real. I told her it would be so hot to see her having sex with another man. She told me she never would. So while it will most likely always remain a fantasy, I'll just have to keep chipping away... who knows, maybe she'll open up one day and we can make her dream come true.

Vanessa Hudgens Double "Feet"ure

Vanessa seems to just drip sex, so I had to leave her dripping twice here, once with a hands free shot and one foot shot. Video links for each shot below the pictures.

Amanda Bynes with a Twist

Not only did I get to spray down Amanda's lovely face, my friend classicaudioman then took my results and added his own splendid spin on it. His work is below. Enjoy.

Dream... fucked in the ass

So, I had a dream last night... I was out and ended up at the front door of some college kids... As I talked to a muscular 20-something guy with short blond hair at the door, I looked over and saw through the front window that another guy was sitting on the couch, naked, leaning back with his back on the seat cushion and feet on the floor. A girl, presumably his girlfriend, was standing on her feet, also naked, facing away from him. She was bent over and steadying herself with her hands on her knees while she bounced up and down on him.

Somehow, I could tell the guy who answered the door was gay and I was half-worried, half-hoping he would somehow figure out I was interested in guys. I have no idea what we were talking about all this time, but somehow it came down to making sure he could contact me on instant messenger. He brought me inside his house and sat at his computer chair, a few feet from the other couple. I stood in front of him, at the desk, to put in my contact information and the next thing I knew, he was pulling down my shorts and underwear (which is odd in that I just about never wear any) and before I knew it, he was guiding me lower towards him. His cock was out, hard and without any difficulty whatsoever, he slid his dick into my ass and started guiding my hips up and down. I remember moaning... it felt amazing. He let go of my hips and I kept up the rhythm myself. I looked over at the other couple, the guy was smiling at me while the girl was bouncing up and down on his cock... just as I was... before long, I woke up.

I lay there in bed, rubbing my dick and remembering the details of the dream. I would love to find the right guy to try some of this with. I am dying to suck another cock, but more and more I find myself curious about being gently fucked in the ass.