Summer Break

Hey guys I am going to be taking a few weeks off from posting new shots. Thanks for all the support everytime a new post goes up and I hope to keep up the good work when I return.



A year and three months since I last posted? Where DOES the time go? Well, I'm still here, and I'm still enjoying my favorite hobby. I received this link today from a blogger whose interests intersect with mine - if yours also intersect here, check him out:

A Blog By a Guy Who Likes to Be Watched While Masturbating

Hope all's well for everyone out there in masturbationland - I'll check in again soon!

Masturbatrix Supreme

Brenda Song

Brenda is often overshadowed by her fellow tween queens, many who grace this blog, so it was my duty to finally give her a treat. Vid link below.

JoJo Poll Winner #9

Always exciting to give JoJo plenty of cumsquirts. Thanks to the 119 who voted in the poll, look for the next one in a few weeks. Vid link below.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Feet

Here is a shot I did for a friend as a request a while back on Sarah Michelle Gellar's lovely feet. Vid link below.