Wedding Ring

I've traded a couple of messages with an interesting woman who pm'd me on over the last couple of days. She shared with me that she is turned on by pics and videos of married men with their wedding rings showing in the picture. I've heard this from a couple of men and women in the past and I can see the allure in it...

I see a man who is morally unavailable... his desires and fantasies are so many that the marriage is unable to contain them... and there for all the world to see it spills over the boundaries of his vows and onto the internet where temptation lies in wait to pull him over the edge... past the point of no return... where inevitably he will make the choice to step outside his lifelong devotion to the woman he loves... the one woman he wishes would completely quench this thirst that drives him mad.
It occurs to me that you only have one first kiss... one first girl... one first boy... and yes, one first affair. I wonder if I will ever act on it fully. Will it be only physical or emotional as well? Surely, it is likely to be inevitable. I've had my cock sucked once by a married guy a few years ago... I guess that counts... though I would tend to see sex with other men less as cheating. It's something she can never provide so I can more easily justify that it is not really stepping out on the marriage.

I took some pictures today, playing with my ring and a video as well. It felt interesting putting the ring back on my finger, covered in cum. It made me want to go a step further... to put it back on covered in another man's cum... or soaked in the juices of another woman's pussy.

What an interesting combination of emotions that would follow as I go home to hold my wife's hand while we wind the evening down watching television, knowing her fingers are rubbing clean the ring that now symbolizes a promise that can never again be made whole.