Road trip

I drove to St. Louis today. I decided to do something a little different this time. I prefer to go without underwear of any kind but when I got out of the shower, I guess I was in a mood. I snagged a pair of EC's panties... simple white cotton Hanes Her Way... and wore them all the way here. My wife is smaller than me so obviously they were more than a little tight and that only served to keep me aroused, though not quite erect, for all of the four and a half hour drive to the hotel.

I logged onto and watched their first hook up porn video. It was pretty hot... honestly made me want to find a man around here to hook up with. I pulled up the search for the local listings here, but eh... not much recent. I doubt I would have gone through with it anyway. I do want to meet a guy for sex, but I'm not interested in someone who hooks up at random like that. I would prefer to meet a guy I can be friends with, talk about sex and whatever... preferably also married. I'm not interested in a romantic relationship, but I think I need some commitment that it's fairly exclusive outside of our respective marriages or relationships... just for the safety factor. I guess in the end... ha! really didn't intend that as a pun... I am looking for a sex buddy but also a good friend. Seems to be so difficult to find.