A domination fantasy fulfilled...

Clicking through link upon link upon link browsing through blogs I follow, I happened upon a couple of blogs that dealt substantially in male domination pics... Male Submission Art and Flat Earth Social Club. I've been literally through every post on the two over the last 3 days and with many of the pictures saved to my hard drive, I am finding my kink is flowing freely in that direction.

So last night, I turned off the computer and headed for bed as EC was just coming out from her bath. I gave her what she calls my "sex eyes" and thought it might be fun to open up to a little fantasy. I asked her if she wanted me to pleasure her. She told me to lock the door.

I helped her remove her pajama bottoms and panties, folded them neatly, and laid them on her night stand. She looked at me obviously wondering why I hadn't just tossed them to the floor. I smiled at her and leaned in to kiss her. She asked me why she was half naked while I was still dressed and that was all the prompting I needed and her top was off by the time I was naked. So far, she'd made it very easy to get into character for this submissive game that was playing out in my head... telling me to lock the door... the look she gave me when I folded her panties... the light reprimand that stopped my kiss for not being naked when she was... it was almost as though she knew what her role was supposed to be.

I moved to kiss her and decided to wait... pretending I was still not yet allowed and moved down to suckle her breasts, all the time thinking about being dominated like the men in the pictures I had been obsessing over. I imagined she was further along in her pregnancy and was nursing me... remembering from prior years the sweet taste and warmth of her milk and how with each little suck at her nipple my mouth would fill so completely that gulping became a necessity to keep up. Several minutes passed and I leaned up to kiss her briefly... a silent thank you for being fed and moved down between her legs to kiss her pussy lips as though they were the same ones I'd just been kissing.

Before long, I was making out with her pussy, pretending I was kissing her... in my head, she was indifferent to the task I was performing... she was having me do it out of routine and took little interest in any pleasure it might be causing... intent on giving her the pleasure she deserves, I redoubled my efforts. Over 15 minutes had past before I was rewarded with a sigh and I looked up to see her eyes closed. I stopped and pulled her feet up to my lips and began licking the soles of her feet and sucking on her toes. I looked up and held her gaze for a moment. Sure she was watching me, I closed my eyes sucking her big toe like a little penis... imagining she was watching me service a man she had brought home with her for this very purpose.

I reached over to my side of the bed and slid my pillow over, lifting her hips up to make her more comfortable and her pussy more accessible. I felt her hands on the back of my head and she began running her fingers through my hair and guiding my movements and she transformed in my mind from the indifferent mistress to one demanding pleasure and begin licking her clit and sucking at her pussy as though it were my sole desire in life.

I was really turned on by this point. I've always thought of the Dom/sub role as involving bondage and command... but I am starting to realize that I have always had a desire to be generally submissive... to focus myself as the giver of pleasure rather than the receiver. I have always taken more pleasure in the orgasms I have given her than in the ones I have received in return, enjoyable and amazing though they may be. It's been nice on the all too rare occasions where she takes the reigns in bed. I've enjoyed our sex more in those few instances than any other. By now, I was so turned on that if I hadn't cum earlier making the wedding ring video, I probably would have right then and there. There have been many times when I have found myself right at the brink just from licking her pussy. One of these nights, I am going to make a mission of it and keep at it until I do... but not tonight.

I gave EC's pussy one more kiss and moved up to kiss her again... I love the thought of her tasting herself, but this time I played it further in my head... with the enthusiasm of a dog who had just brought its owner a favored pair of slippers, I kissed her... looking for the approval of sharing the taste with her... of offering her the proof that I had kept my mouth buried in her slippery slit for so long that she had flavored my lips and tongue.

I looked in her eyes... in my mind seeking permission to go further. Of course, this game was all just in my head so she looked at me quizzically, wondering what I wanted. I went with it and determined the look was puzzlement at why I was making her wait and hurried to slide my cock inside of her before punishment was issued.

She gave me a playfully pouty look and made a comment asking was I not going to keep at it until she had her orgasm? I told her not to worry, of course I would take care of her. I was feeling pretty good about my stamina, having already cum not too much earlier and got up on my knees and brought her feet up to press against the side of my face. I looked in her eyes as I started sucking her toes and really began fucking her hard. Her timing was impeccable... just as I was beginning to go back and forth about whether or not to cum inside her before returning to her pussy to finish her orgasm... not sure if I could go through with licking my cum out of her pussy... knowing from experience that although I eat my cum all the time, my confidence in doing so in front of my wife would diminish rapidly after I came... just as I decided not to, it happened. She started to giggle a little and I knew on the down stroke that I had gone one stroke too far and could not pull back out without going over the edge. I came as if on cue. The reason for the laugh, she told me, was because I was really going at it more than I usually do and was shaking the whole bed... in my head though, the laugh came after I did and my fantasy had her laughing at my attempt to make her cum with my cock and telling me to clean up the mess and do it right. I tried to fuck her a little longer, thinking I could keep myself hard but it was far too late for that.

With my eyes properly downcast, I slid my limp cock out of her and spread her legs and began immediately sucking on her clit. For a few seconds, the idea of doing this had lost its appeal but I kept at it, knowing she would be disappointed if I did not. Knowing that I had already promised to take care of her.

I remembered that the fantasy EC had not only told me to make her cum but had also directed me to clean up mine. I began alternating between sucking her clit and licking her pussy, now very slippery with my cum. A few minutes into it and I was sucking her pussy lips with as much fervor as her clit, tasting the salty sting at the back of my throat, swallowing my cum as quickly as I was able to suck it into my greedy mouth. She tasted so good.

The closer she came to cumming, the more nervous I was getting. By now, sperm was spread all over my face and I didn't think she had actually realized I had cum inside her. I was sure it would be obvious when I came back up and especially so when I didn't return to having sex with her. This is not the first time I've eaten her cream pie, though I was very aware that the only time (my first time) she knew I had done so, it had been a result of her forcing me down at my request to fulfill a fantasy for my birthday. There had been two other times, but she was unaware I had cum and I was so turned on that I was hard almost immediately and had sex with her afterward, she being none the wiser.

But this time I think the fantasizing had actually worked to put me into a slightly more vulnerable state of mind... coupled with the fact that jacking off earlier was now working against me as I hoped to get it up for the third time in about 3 hours. Even with air from the fan tickling the back side of my balls and ass, which I had not until that moment realized I had shamelessly pushed up in the air as if I were waiting to be mounted... I was obviously deeper into the fantasy than I realized... and even though I was jerking my dick, I knew I was not going to be able to fuck her again when I needed to. I could tell she was very close to cumming. Her hands were pushing my face into her with more effort now... she was breathing heavier... moving her hips ever so slightly to get her clit in just the right position under my tongue... still in character, I let myself feel the shame at not quite getting it right on my own... and then it happened, she was arching her back and gritting her teeth with her head flung back, legs tightening around me with her heels digging in.. her mouth wide open in a silence that filled the room... my face pushed so hard into her pussy that I thought she might snap my neck...

I was desperately picturing every imaginable scene to get hard again, but I think subconsciously I didn't want to... in order to be complete my fantasy needed me to feel the embarrassment of letting her see the smeared cum on my lips, chin, and cheeks... and so I gave into it. I moved up as though to kiss her and stopped short, looking her in the eyes and waiting for it to be noticed. She thought at first I was teasing her to kiss me and started to lean into it when she stopped and in that brief pause, I knew that she knew. I don't know if she had just put it together... or if she saw it on my face... or if she smelled the cum but she knew.

And she unwittingly took on just the proper tone to seal the fantasy as complete when she looked me in the eye, with that knowing smirk on her lips, and asked, "Did you already cum in me?" I told her honestly that I had gotten past the point of no return a little unexpectedly but, of course, I wasn't going to just cum and leave her without an orgasm. And of course, I knew the underlying question, which in my sudden humiliation she decided it necessary to ask aloud anyway, "and you still went down on me after?" I told her honestly and somewhat defensively that I didn't mind it... that I enjoyed it. Her only response was that acknowledging look with the undertones of disbelief mixed with a bewilderment in her eyes and a judging smirk on her lips. I know just then she realized I was sucking very deeply at her pussy and she new I was not only still working to make her cum, but actively working to suck my sperm out of her pussy.

As we laid there talking, she asked for a towel... we call them cum rags, wash cloths we bought specifically to keep next to the bed to clean up after sex... to wipe herself up. Knowing there was mostly only saliva and a small mixture of her juices and mine left to clean up,as I had made sure to lap up and swallow any sperm I could access... I wondered if she was just doing it to taunt me. I handed her a towel making it a point not to get one for myself. We lay there naked and talking for about an hour afterward. I felt the skin on my face and cock begin to become taut as the cum dried and decided as we put our pajamas back on that I would not clean myself up until morning. And so I slept, sufficiently humiliated, properly dominated... at least as far as my mind was concerned, and altogether satisfied that it was worth it. I haven't used my imagination like that since I was probably ten years old. I honestly can't wait to do it again. I can only imagine that if perhaps next time she is in on the game... how much fun that might be.