CL's Red Dress

I spent the day at family's house, for a birthday party. My sister in law was there wearing this new red dress I had never seen her in before. I have to admit, I was hard as a rock sitting there talking to her. She said she got the dress at Abercrombie. She shared a few sips of her drink with me and I love talking to her, but honestly, it drives me crazy. I just wanted to kiss her again so badly.

Part of me loves feeling this way about her and part of me thinks it would be easier if I didn't. Eh.... What can you do? I miss those days when she would stay the night over here. Of course, I've told her half-jokingly how I feel about her, but that was some time ago. I doubt anything more will ever come of things between us. I managed to snap some pics with my cell phone while we were there. Seeing the outline of her panties when she bent over... wow! I wish I could have gotten a clear picture of that!