A Plea for Help (Because Mistress Sassa Knows Me)

So it looks like the stars will align and I'll be having a mind-bending session with Mistress Sassa later this week. She has been teasing me and making me want to be her little pet for years now. It's been so incredible and I'm so excited every time I get the chance to serve under her.

Mistress knows what I need, even if it's not what I might think I want. She knows that I'm a stroker boy who should never be left to his own devices. She knows that I don't own my body, it is her plaything. She knows that even though I tell her I need to cum every day, the best thing for me is to hold it in, churning and boiling inside me, until she decides I've earned the right to give her my orgasm. She knows that sometimes I need to edge myself to the point of near paralyzing need, occassionally many times a day.

Mistress Sassa, clever and devious woman that she is, knows that I should never know if I'll be going one day, one week, or one month between orgasms. She knows that I can't always use self control, and must be locked in my chastity tube. She knows it will make me more frustrated and needy if I have to milk myself with the aneros instead of cumming. She knows I will beg for her to let me cum.

And she knows she can make me promise to do anything for it. She could make me beg for her to use the points of intrigue on me during my chastity. She could even make plead for her to deny me, to force me to listen to her have an orgasm that I am denied.

So I am hoping to enlist some help from you. It's been a good long while since Sassa has given me permission to release. If you call her this week, please tell her to "Let Ace cum!" (I know none of you will tell her she should deny me....) Maybe if you have a good time with her, she'll be in a really good mood and have mercy on her stroker pet. I don't know how long I can continue to edge every day without promising to do wicked things to myself in her honor. And I can't disobey my Mistress... She owns me so fully and completely.

Thank you... I hope to report some good news next week.