Well, I learned a new word today...

Altocalciphilia is a form of shoe fetish with a very strong focus on high heels . If the shoe fetish is focused on shoes in general it is called altocalciphilia. The mildest form of high heel fetish is to visually watch women wearing high heels, followed by talking pictures of high heels and women wearing high heels followed by a higher sexual arousal when having sex with women wearing high heels and the extreme forms are:

* wearing high heels during masturbation
* collecting pictures of high heels
* males buying/collecting high heels
* ejaculating after fucking the shoe: (sticking the penis into the shoe).
The first indicator of any form of high heel fetishism is to pay active attention to any high-heeled woman within visual range.

Here's a pic of me playing with my wife's Cornerstone heels. ;)

So let's see... I don't wear them during masturbation, though that sounds interesting. I have to admit that I have collected pictures. The shoes by themselves do turn me on. I've not collected them, but I have fucked and cum in them. Man... I'm all over the board on this one. Kinda cool to know that something you're really into has a name. Makes it seem less out there and more kinky all at the same time. Although I will admit, nothing does it for me like a good old pair of sneakers!