Sock job

A couple weeks ago, EC and I were talking about spicing things up just a little in bed. We've kind of fallen into a routine that we were following every time. When you have small children and time is short you just do what works and often efficiency finds a key role. So a little kissing, getting naked, I go down on her to make her cum, then slip inside her for mine.

She wants to incorporate some toys into our sex life. That's always fun. I shared with her that I thought it would be hot for her to give me a hand job with one of her dirty socks, of one of her shoes, or a pair of her dirty panties. She really does not see the appeal, except maybe with the panties, but hey she loves me. So last night, she sent me into the closet to pick something out. She never wears tennis shoes in the summer so socks are scarce the warmer it gets and so I grabbed one of the socks she had been wearing during the day... And of course the video camera.

We normally don't talk much during sex and so the videos are normally quiet but this seemed to stir up some dialogue. While she was reluctant to kiss me because I was sick over the weekend, it was still a hot time. I can't wait to do some more.