Jessica's shoes

My brother in law came over to the house this afternoon to use our computer to book a beach condo. He brought along his girlfriend, Jessica. She's so hot! Short little twenty year old... she smells fantastic! After just a few minutes in my office and the whole room smells like her.

Anyway... I noticed she had taken off her shoes when she came in the house. My wife was in the kitchen watching television and there they were... a pair of silver flip flops... in the entry-way and I was alone with them. I picked one up and smelled it. It smelled fantastic. I took a quick lick and put it back down. I so wanted to sneak them away and cum on them or at least take some pictures with my cock rubbing all over them.

Maybe next time.

Ashley Tisdale A Double Shot of Fun

I have enjoy Ashley so much lately, that it has resulted in two unique shots for me on her. The first is a titty-fuck type shot on her with two camera angles in the video and the 2nd is a shot on her pretty feet. Enjoy.

Hayden Christens New Camera

I recently got a new camera that is producing much clearer and crisper photos and videos then before. Little Hayden was the lucky one to be the first target with it. Vid link below.

Foot sex

EC and I took a bath together tonight. Afterward, while I gave her a massage, I sucked on her toes... Licked her ass and pussy and slipped my dick inside her a few times.

Before long, she had her legs up on the air with her thighs pressed against my cheeks while I licked and sucked on her clit. Her orgasm was so intense she was pulling away as her whole body tensed. Every time I squeezed her nipple, it seemed to intensify.

I climbed on top of her and started to fuck her and asked her what made this one so intense. She was fantasizing about fucking a dildo strapped to my leg while she watched me jack off. Sounds like fun to me!

I pulled out of her and rubbed and slapped my cock against the outside of her pussy letting her lips wrap around the shaft. Her legs were up in the air and I was sucking on her toes and she started teasing me about how much I was into her feet. I sat back and rubbed her feet on my cock and after a few strokes, she took over and rubbed my dick with her left foot while she rubbed my balls with her right. It's been years since she gave me a foot job. I came pretty quick. Can't wait to do that again. One of these times, I need to work up the nerve to lick her feet clean afterward.

-- Post From My iPod Touch

Cumshot Video Compilation #3

Here's my 3rd installment of a collection of my shots. 20 clips together in total with a preview of each in the screenshot above. Thanks again for all the support on my work. Video link below.

Hilary Duff

The last leftover shot from my old camera, noone better then it to be then Hil.

Sock job

A couple weeks ago, EC and I were talking about spicing things up just a little in bed. We've kind of fallen into a routine that we were following every time. When you have small children and time is short you just do what works and often efficiency finds a key role. So a little kissing, getting naked, I go down on her to make her cum, then slip inside her for mine.

She wants to incorporate some toys into our sex life. That's always fun. I shared with her that I thought it would be hot for her to give me a hand job with one of her dirty socks, of one of her shoes, or a pair of her dirty panties. She really does not see the appeal, except maybe with the panties, but hey she loves me. So last night, she sent me into the closet to pick something out. She never wears tennis shoes in the summer so socks are scarce the warmer it gets and so I grabbed one of the socks she had been wearing during the day... And of course the video camera.

We normally don't talk much during sex and so the videos are normally quiet but this seemed to stir up some dialogue. While she was reluctant to kiss me because I was sick over the weekend, it was still a hot time. I can't wait to do some more.