New year... new panties

I went to a birthday party this afternoon for my wife's cousin. JA (my wife's aunt) is nothing short of hot... and bonus points... she's a nurse. Who hasn't had the hot nurse fantasy at one time or another?

I managed to find some time to sneak into her bedroom closet and found some of her dirty laundry in a basket waiting to be washed. I brought home a pair of light pink Victoria's Secret panties, a pair of plain white cotton Haynes Her Way panties, and one of her bras. The panties are a size 6/M and the bra looks to be a 38C. The tag is worn, but her boobs are by far much larger than my wife's.
Part of me feels a little wrong for having taken them, but I've fantasized about her when I've had sex with my wife or jacked off on several occasions. I just couldn't resist. And the panties... well, she smells amazing!! I can't wait to play with them and take some pictures.