Yvonne Strahovski

I have been a big fan since the first time I saw her on "Chuck"

Leelee Sobieski

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New Cumtributor- TheRejected

Please welcome TheRejected who will be posting his work on this blog occasionally. He does excellent work and has great taste so please leave plenty of comments!

Playing with JA's dirty panties

So I found some time today to play with JA's panties a bit. Just the smell alone is enough to make me want to cum, but I resisted. I rather like to build up the excitement and energy most of the day and get to the point where that urge for release is just unbearable.

I took a lick of the panty's crotch... just flicking my tongue a bit on her dried pussy juices... of which there is a lot. She's a wet girl. She tastes as amazing as she smells. Swiping panties has never really been my thing, but I can see why some men are so into it. I'm really glad I took the opportunity to grab them.

Just for fun, I took some pics of her panties on our Christmas tree. It was a Christmas challenge on one of the Yahoo Groups I'm part of (adventures with women's clothing).

I uploaded all of the pics to Xtube.Here's the link to the pics on my xtube page --> JA's Dirty Panties

New year... new panties

I went to a birthday party this afternoon for my wife's cousin. JA (my wife's aunt) is nothing short of hot... and bonus points... she's a nurse. Who hasn't had the hot nurse fantasy at one time or another?

I managed to find some time to sneak into her bedroom closet and found some of her dirty laundry in a basket waiting to be washed. I brought home a pair of light pink Victoria's Secret panties, a pair of plain white cotton Haynes Her Way panties, and one of her bras. The panties are a size 6/M and the bra looks to be a 38C. The tag is worn, but her boobs are by far much larger than my wife's.
Part of me feels a little wrong for having taken them, but I've fantasized about her when I've had sex with my wife or jacked off on several occasions. I just couldn't resist. And the panties... well, she smells amazing!! I can't wait to play with them and take some pictures.