Brandy... My first real girlfriend.... my first kiss.

I was in sixth grade and found myself with a crush on a girl named Amanda. She was a friend of a friend and well out of my league, but I would go to her soft ball games down at the little league park and talk to her after the game. I asked her many times to go out and she always politely declined. One day, I wound up meeting up with her at a house where she was babysitting. She was content to be friends and invited me to stop by.

When I got there, I met her cousin, Brandy who was 2 years younger than me but was held back in first grade so she was in fourth grade. I thought she was really cute. I got her phone number and we talked several times and before long, she was my girlfriend. Amanda was surprised that I had given up on her and told me she was actually thinking about saying yes to me. Oh well.

Fast forward, I walked over to Amanda's house one day to see Brandy (she lived on the other side of town so I only got to see her when she visited her cousin). We talked out in her back yard and when it came time to say goodbye, we decided we both wanted to kiss... it was our first frech kiss, for either of us. Of course, we didn't really know what we were doing at all and as kisses go, we were probably terrible at it lol but at the time, it was amazing. I walked home feeling giddy and light headed. I loved her as much as an 11 year old could. Unfortunately, we later broke up after she found out I was also seeing a friend of hers named Alicia. I never even kissed the girl or did anything more than talk on the phone. It was just one of those silly "will you go with me" things that kids do. I felt terrible and sometimes, I still think about Brandy and that kiss. Yeah.... I messed that one up. I missed her terribly.