Lacey Chabert Coated

Following in the footsteps as her look-a-like JLH so far, hopefully she continues the trend and keeps up the cockteasing for years to come. Video link below.

Jojo Splattered

Cannot get enough of that cute face and precious tits. Video Link below.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Just couldn't resist giving her face a little moisturizer.

Kim Kardashian Double Shot by BigCane and JimmyMon

It was about time that I soaked Kim's tits and face, and luckily for her, she got a double dose. I gave it to her and BigCane followed up with his unending spray onto her. Pics and videos from the event are below.

Jimmy's Work:

Mila Kunis Poll Winner #8

Her alluring face really coaxed a big load out of me. Thanks to the 78 votes in this poll. Video Link below.