Simply Having a Ball

Dear Friends,

It took much longer than expected, but I finally got us to the first stop on the Kinky Road Trip Mistress Sassa and I are taking. I'm standing as I type this, as Mistress paddled me once for every wrong turn I took when I was driving. (We're a month behind schedule, so you can imagine...)

This is a postcard from the World's Biggest Ball Gag, which is a bit off the beaten path... About 30 minutes from Brasslewood, Georgia. As you can see, it's one hell of a gag. I had been whining to Miss Sassa that I hadn't got to cum in a few days, and she threatened to gag me if I didn't quiet down. As soon as I saw her grin at this thing, I shut up good.

This historic ball gag was built by Eulene G. Stodbot in 1973 in response to the Godzilla Attack fears of that decade. Stodbot surmised that gagging the nuclear monster would prevent him from breathing fire and bloody terror down upon the good people of Georgia. Unfortunately, Godzilla was fictional and Stodbot, who tested all his own inventions, developed a horrible, chronic bout of TMJ. Defeated, Stodbot tossed the gag into a nearby cornfield, where it remains to this day.

Mistress Sassa promises me that, if I can get to our next landmark in a timely fashion, she'll consider unlocking my cock cage for a little bit. She won't go into details... Is a little bit five seconds or five days? Is there a chance I might get to cum when it comes off? She's not saying, so I guess I'll just try to be a good tiger and not make any more mistakes. I'm sure I can persuade her with my tiger charms to let me have a little relief, right? RIGHT?!!! GRRRROOOOOOWLLLLLL!!! It's been so long!!!

Pleeeeeaaaase, Miss Sassa? PLEAAAAASE?

Eh, er... Um... Anyway.... Hope this postcard finds you all well. I didn't think I was going to spend the whole trip being teased and tormented, but I am with Miss Kinkerbell herself, Mistress Sassa. I should have known!

Well Wishes,

P.S. jem, did you remember to water my plants?
P.P.S. Billy, did you remember to remind jem to water my plants?