Milking it for All It's Worth

Dear Recipient,
Well, more frustration for me. Even though I didn't take any wrong turns this time, Mistress Sassa said pointed out that I've gone waaaay longer than this not cumming. Of course, she whispered this to me while she was sitting in the passenger seat in next to nothing, tugging teasingly at the lock on my cage. I would have started begging, but I know that will just make matters worse.
No one knows who built Aneros-Henge, but some scientists hypothesize it was some ancient culture who had harnessed the power of orgasm denial to call upon the great Pagan goddess, Sassafrassus. Legend has it she would descend from on high, work the men into a lather, and then flip a coin to decide if they got to cum or not. Being a goddess, however, she had the power to control the result. As the story goes, the pleas for relief could be heard hundreds of miles away. In their misguided quest for release, the wisest men of the group invented the Aneros. Sadly, even the wisest men didn't understand the concept of scale...
Well, Ms Sassa is calling me back to the car. I better hurry, this might be my lucky day at last!!!


P.S. It's okay... I know my plants have died by now.