Milking it for All It's Worth

Dear Recipient,
Well, more frustration for me. Even though I didn't take any wrong turns this time, Mistress Sassa said pointed out that I've gone waaaay longer than this not cumming. Of course, she whispered this to me while she was sitting in the passenger seat in next to nothing, tugging teasingly at the lock on my cage. I would have started begging, but I know that will just make matters worse.
No one knows who built Aneros-Henge, but some scientists hypothesize it was some ancient culture who had harnessed the power of orgasm denial to call upon the great Pagan goddess, Sassafrassus. Legend has it she would descend from on high, work the men into a lather, and then flip a coin to decide if they got to cum or not. Being a goddess, however, she had the power to control the result. As the story goes, the pleas for relief could be heard hundreds of miles away. In their misguided quest for release, the wisest men of the group invented the Aneros. Sadly, even the wisest men didn't understand the concept of scale...
Well, Ms Sassa is calling me back to the car. I better hurry, this might be my lucky day at last!!!


P.S. It's okay... I know my plants have died by now.

Cumshot Video Compilation

I have recently reached 2000 total downloads of my videos and in order to thank everyone I have put together a compilation of all my videos. It includes 32 clips from what I have posted on here and some new videos that I have not released before. Enjoy this and thanks for making this post possible!

Eva Eruption

I could shoot loads of cum to that face everyday and not tire of it. She is a tiny ball of spunk that makes me shoot a big ball of spunk :) Video link below.

Classic Hilary

An older shot from back in the day of Ms. Duff's Juicy days.

Avril Facial

My Fate is in Your Hands!

Miss Sassa's started a new Yahoo Group, which I think is pretty cool. It's quickly becoming a great forum for all things Sassa, and a cool way to keep up with all her pets. It's been a nice way to stay connected while I'm being denied any relief.

Imagine my surprise when I logged in and found a new poll, entitled "How Long Should I Make ace Wait to Cum?" Yeaaah, I though. Now's my chance! Sadly, the 'soonest' option available is 7 more days, and the 'longest' is never. And it appears that most think I shouldn't be cumming for a loooong time. That's bad enough, but then I noticed that Ms. Sassa has also cast her vote, and has chosen NEVER.


Michelle Trachtenberg Double Shot by Strike and Jimmymon

Strike did his thing all over Michelle's magical face and I returned the favor on his shot. I was a bit saddened by the poor lighting and such involved, but hopefully this is the first of many like this and it can be corrected in future shots Picture and GIF from Strike and my pic and Video link are below.

Strike's Explosion:

My Shot:

Emma Watson B-day Blast

A belated Birthday gift! Hope she enjoyed it. Video link below.

Simply Having a Ball

Dear Friends,

It took much longer than expected, but I finally got us to the first stop on the Kinky Road Trip Mistress Sassa and I are taking. I'm standing as I type this, as Mistress paddled me once for every wrong turn I took when I was driving. (We're a month behind schedule, so you can imagine...)

This is a postcard from the World's Biggest Ball Gag, which is a bit off the beaten path... About 30 minutes from Brasslewood, Georgia. As you can see, it's one hell of a gag. I had been whining to Miss Sassa that I hadn't got to cum in a few days, and she threatened to gag me if I didn't quiet down. As soon as I saw her grin at this thing, I shut up good.

This historic ball gag was built by Eulene G. Stodbot in 1973 in response to the Godzilla Attack fears of that decade. Stodbot surmised that gagging the nuclear monster would prevent him from breathing fire and bloody terror down upon the good people of Georgia. Unfortunately, Godzilla was fictional and Stodbot, who tested all his own inventions, developed a horrible, chronic bout of TMJ. Defeated, Stodbot tossed the gag into a nearby cornfield, where it remains to this day.

Mistress Sassa promises me that, if I can get to our next landmark in a timely fashion, she'll consider unlocking my cock cage for a little bit. She won't go into details... Is a little bit five seconds or five days? Is there a chance I might get to cum when it comes off? She's not saying, so I guess I'll just try to be a good tiger and not make any more mistakes. I'm sure I can persuade her with my tiger charms to let me have a little relief, right? RIGHT?!!! GRRRROOOOOOWLLLLLL!!! It's been so long!!!

Pleeeeeaaaase, Miss Sassa? PLEAAAAASE?

Eh, er... Um... Anyway.... Hope this postcard finds you all well. I didn't think I was going to spend the whole trip being teased and tormented, but I am with Miss Kinkerbell herself, Mistress Sassa. I should have known!

Well Wishes,

P.S. jem, did you remember to water my plants?
P.P.S. Billy, did you remember to remind jem to water my plants?

Amazing Interview with Ms Corrine

If you missed last night's Provocatalk show, you can download the recording of the show by clicking here.

We had the chance to chat with Mistress Corrine for nearly three hours...and we found out that there is MUCH naughtiness behind that cute blond exterior! Subjects included extreme BDSM play, guided masturbation, yoga, peep show booths (yes, Ms Corrine is a former peep show girl), and we also had some live, on the air erotic tarot card readings. This one is a must-hear!

Oh and by the way - Mr Ally's jackoff video has been viewed over 500 times since he posted it on Monday - how many of those views were you guys, I wonder? :)

My Husband - on Xtube!

The other day, I was down in my basement office working, and the stroker formerly known as my boyfriend and currently known as my husband sent me a link to an Xtube video.

The hand and the penis were *very* familiar!

Yep, my stroking husband is now featuring himself in all his stroking glory on Xtube!

I'll refrain from posting the link here, but if you go to Xtube and look at the newly posted videos in the JackOff Channel, you will find him under the title "Lotion on the Skin"

If you're into videos of men masturbating, I will say without bias, IT IS WORTH WATCHING.

Even though I've seen this video before, and seen him live in action many times, seeing the video again is still quite arousing...


Special Guest on Tonight's Provocatalk Show

On tonight's Provocatalk Show at 11PM Eastern Time, we will be joined by the lovely Mistress Corrine. Mistress Corrine joined the Cock Control/Sissy School team last week, and she will be chatting with us tonight on Provocatalk, and giving our callers the chance to call in and ask her whatever they'd like to know about her. We're very happy to have Ms. Corrine as a part of our group, and we look forward to seeing you at tonight's Provocatalk Show!

To join the show at 11PM Eastern Time, go to

To see Mistress Corrine's profile, go here:

Tina Fey

Had a request for this funny gal and of course I obliged. We all know she would take a shot like this in real life for the sake of comedy, and hopefully it comes soon! The picture is a bit poor due to my camera battery dying and the splatter soaking in, but the video makes up for it, which the link is below for that.

Lauren Frost

I did this shot of Ms. Forst a ways back after seeing her get plastered by Stasiak on his blog, then he dissappeared before I could share this and I never got to release it. Vid Link below.

Britney Spears

Even in her crazy stage, I can still find days where I could stroke to her endlessly as seen here. Vid Link below.

Jessica Simpson Splashed

What a cock-tease she is.

Eva Longoria

Sultry Latina