Katherine McPhee Splattered

There are a select few girls that can get me going at any time, and Kat is one of them. She always seems to be asking for it and I am always willing to comply, especially when she is presenting her hands for some splooge so nicely. Video link below.

Trish Stratus Boobs Blasted

Got this as a request and was more then happy to fill it. Those tits drain balls with just a tiny twitch. Loved dropping my load to this pic. Video Link below.


Sarah Wayne Callies

Love her pregant tits in this photo. Face and boobs to die for.

Kelly Clarkson Face

Oldie but goodie...what a cutie.

Hilary Swank Completely Soaked

I just utterly destroyed her face in this picture. Loved doing it, and it was one of my best shots in a long while. Video below. 3 Pics this time too, with two facial shots since I couldn't decide between either one.


Maria Sharapova Gooed

A gift for those Russian Lips.

Female Ejaculation

On March 18th on Provocatalk Radio, we had the opportunity to talk to a woman who is not only a self-confessed chronic masturbator - she is also a female ejaculator.

To listen to our interview with Joy Squirt, the Female Ejaculator, go here:


Fascinating listening!

Avril Poll Winner #5

Her pop punk princess act gets me stroking every time, love splattering her now. Video Link below. And a special thanks to all 65 people that voted in the poll, keep it up!


Nikki Cox

With a stage name like Cox, you know she is a lover of the man juice!

Angelina Jolie

She has some of the top DSLs of all time.

Last Week's Provocatalk Radio Show with Trish and Ally

I think I forgot to give you the link to last week's show download. It's here:

March 11th Provocatalk Show with Trish and Ally

Download that to keep you busy until TONIGHT'S show, which starts at 11PM Eastern Time. See you there!

Provocatalk Radio with Trish and Ally - March 18th Show

Join us on Provocatalk Live Online Radio for the Trish and Ally Show this Tuesday Night at 11PM Eastern Time. The topic will be "Anal Play - Does it Make Me Gay?"

Of course it doesn't! We'll be dispelling the unfortunate misunderstanding that some men have about their own desires for anal stimulation.

To listen to the show live, or to download previous shows, go here:

Provocatalk Radio with Trish and Ally

See you at the show!

Ms Ally

Hilary Duff Coated

Less then 24 hours after covering Ashley Olsen, Hilary had me so hard I had to shoot to her. Video Link Below.


Ashley Olsen Poll Winner #4

While her sister got skinny and on drugs this chick got hotter. Loved dropping a load on those lips. Video below.

Live Tonight - Ally on Trish 11PM Eastern Time on Kink Talk Radio

Join us tonight at 11PM Eastern Time on Kink Talk Radio for the Trish and Ally Show. We don't have a particular topic tonight, however I think we'll talk a bit about female domination and female supremacy, as well as this craziness that's going on in the NY State Government.

See you tonight at 11PM Eastern Time! To join the show, go here:

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If you've missed previous shows, you can also download recordings of all our live shows for free at the link above.

Phone Sex Madame

Mandy Moore Monitor Shot

Unloaded onto this perfect face on this flat screen monitor I was given. Definitely didn't hold anything back here. Video Link below.


Beverly Mitchell


A Man Who Wants You To Watch Him Masturbating

I was reading Jane's Guide today...most of the time I read that site to see if any of my sites have been added (haha) but occasionally I find links there that are click-worthy. Of course my interest was piqued when I saw this site:

Robbie - a Man Who Loves To Be Watched While Jacking Off

The site is very amateurish, which is part of its appeal. Even better, it's free! So if you want to see a man masturbating (and who doesn't?) check out his site

Old School Xtina Splat

One of the first Videos I ever made a few years ago, I dumped it all on everyone's favorite Cum Queen X-tina. Video Link Below

Ashley Tisdale

Another one of Disney's endless line of sluts. Drained my balls nicely. Video Link Below.


Old shot where I covered her face completely.


Old shot on this Columbian cum-slut. That ass had induced so much jerking I am sure.

What's Your Fantasy? Tonight on the Trish and Ally Show

Tonight on the Trish and Ally Show we will be discussing Fantasies.

What's yours? Would you really want to live it out? Or is your fantasy sexy BECAUSE it is just a fantasy?

And do you want to know OUR fantasies? I bet you do!

Tune in and discuss Fantasies with us tonight at 11pm Eastern Time on the Trish and Ally Show

Ms Tanya Talks about Guided Masturbation

One of my esteemed colleagues, Ms Tanya, has composed this essay about the pleasures of Guided Masturbation:

Guided Masturbation - Much More Erotic than Stroking Alone

Show your support and check it out!

Ms Ally
The Masturbatrix

Gosh Darnit!

Can anyone tell me how to set up my Yahoo Vista Messenger to view Webcam? I upgraded to this fancy new version of Messenger but now I can't see webcams! And lots of my masturbators want me to watch them on cam while we're having a phone session.

HELP! :)

Please leave any suggestions in the comments.

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